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Tuesday : September 30 : 2014
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Smith & Wesson Back As Sponsor For 2014 California State IDPA Championship
Smith & Wesson (, the American gun making legend, has signed on as a returning sponsor for the 2014 California State IDPA Championship taking place on Saturday, October 4, 2014.
Lone Star Medics Sponsors Lone Star IDPA Championship
Cross Timbers Action Shooting Association (CTIDPA) is pleased to announce that Lone Star Medics will return as a Platinum sponsor of the 2014 Lone Star Championship.
Ruger Introduces the AR-556
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) announces the AR-556™ semi-automatic, M4-style, direct impingement Modern Sporting Rifle. With all major components machined at Ruger's Mayodan, NC facility, the AR-556 offers consumers an affordable, American-made Modern Sporting Rifle from Ruger.
CrossBreed Holsters Moves into New Facility
Under the direction of Carol Craighead, along with several members of the family and many long time employees, CrossBreed Holsters has continued to grow. This made it necessary to move yet into an even larger facility in July of 2014. The new facility is a tribute to founder Mark Craighead and the achievement of his dream.
Team SureFire's Mike Voigt & Maggie Reese Conquer USPSA Nationals
SureFire LLC congratulates Team SureFire members, Mike Voigt and Maggie Reese, on their outstanding performance at the USPSA Handgun Nationals. Mike Voigt took home the High Senior Trophy in Open Division and placed 12th overall, while Maggie placed 3rd in the Ladies Category of Production Division.

Kahr Arms
Grand Power Pistols Distributed by Eagle Imports
Eagle Imports, Inc. announces the exclusive US distribution of the Grand Power brand of performance semi-auto pistols. The Grand Power brand employs high quality materials and state-of-the-art processes and manufacturing to deliver an ergonomically designed, low recoil pistol for sport shooting, civilian carry and law enforcement and military professionals.
George Zimmerman Speaks Exclusively on Armed American Radio
On Sunday, October 19, George Zimmerman, who put the right of self-defense in the spotlight when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, will tell his story in excruciating detail for the first time in an exclusive live discussion with host Mark Walters on the nationally syndicated Armed American Radio program. Exonerated in court, Zimmerman's life was turned upside down by the experience.
Steiner's New Navigator Pro Marine Binoculars
Steiner introduces a new line of Navigator Pro marine binoculars. Perfect for the recreational sailor, angler or cruiser, the new Navigator Pro series offers exceptional performance at an affordable price.
Birchwood Casey Adds Two New Targets the Dirty Bird Silhouette Line
Two new versions of Dirty Bird® 12"x18" Silhouette Targets are available - a Blue/Orange version and a Transitional model. Both targets feature a white "halo" around each shot to help shooters quickly see their shots for faster hand-and-eye coordination and reduced training time.
Remington® Outdoor Company Announces Chandler as Senior Vice President
The Remington Outdoor Company ("ROC") is pleased to announce Ginger Chandler's appointment as Sr. Vice President, New Product Development and Innovation.

Bass Pro Seeks Online Media Specialist
Bass Pro Shops, Springfield, Missouri, is seeking applicants to an Online Media Specialist Position. This position works with freelance writers to procure, write, edit, coordinate production of and upload content to the Bass Pro 1Source website.
Apex Tactical Returns As Sponsor For 2014 California State IDPA Championship
California-based Apex Tactical (, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket parts and specialty services for revolvers, the Smith and Wesson line of M&P pistols, and more, has signed on as a returning sponsor for the 2014 California State IDPA Championship taking place on Saturday, October 4, 2014.
IWI US, Inc. Expands Law Enforcement Division
IWI US, Inc. announces the hiring of former law officer and LE sales manager, Rob Walker, as part of the IWI US Law Enforcement Division. Rob will work with IWI US LE Division Manager, Casey Flack, to promote the TAVOR® SAR as the choice for a close quarter, patrol rifle.
Ergo Grip Seeking General Sales Manager Candidates
Ergo Grip®, a market leading provider of shooter focused grips, stocks, rail covers and other accessories is seeking qualified candidates for the position of General Sales Manager. Qualified candidates will have at least five years firearms or firearms accessory related sales and managerial experience as well as experience working with major retailers and OEM accounts.
Kahr Arms, United Sporting Companies Partners On Three New Special Edition Pistols
Kahr Arms is partnering with United Sporting Companies for an exclusive line of their most popular sized 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP pistols offered with Cerakote's sleek new "Burnt Bronze" finish slides and attractive black appointments on the frames.
Crimson Trace Lights the Night
Crimson Trace now offers more than a dozen tactical lights to help gun owners equip for the longer winter nights ahead. These lighting solutions attach securely to the firearm, so when the firearm is picked up, the light is instantly available.
Action Target Scores a Bull's-Eye in Selecting Chevalier Advertising
Chevalier Advertising is pleased to announce that it has been selected as the agency of record for Action Target. The world leader in shooting range solutions and targetry will capitalize on Chevalier Advertising's 46 years of marketing experience in the shooting and outdoor industries.
Growth Strategy Partners Retained by DoubleStar
DoubleStar, a manufacturing and distributor of sporting rifles, handguns and accessories, wanted to improve its growth and business performance. To accomplish that the company hired Growth Strategy Partners to conduct their business growth and performance evaluation.
SilencerCo Releases Shorter, Lighter K Versions
SilencerCo has released two shorter, lighter versions of the Saker and Specwar product lines - the Saker K 556 and Specwar K 556.
Burris Company Announces Search for Manager of Online Marketing
The Burris Company has announced that a search is under way for a Manager of Online Marketing. The position will report to the Chief Global Marketing Officer for the Beretta Optics Division.
MGM's Multi-Generational Gibsons Rock East Coast Match
In the 2014 FNH USA 3 Gun match at Peacemaker National Training Center outside Glengary, West Virginia, MGM vice president and team shooter Travis Gibson took the Open title while overall third place and high junior was won by Travis' son, Wyatt.
ProMag Industries Says R.I.P. ProMag California
ProMag® Industries has officially left California and has relocated to a new 90,000 square foot factory in west Phoenix, Arizona. The company says 2015 will see new warranty programs, new ultra-durable materials and a Springs for Life program.
Guest Editorial: The "Finished Gunman"
Wayne Dobbs shooting a first round hit, support hand only on an 8" plate at 50 yards while in his "happy bubble." When you can do this, you can probably focus on skills maintenance and personal relationships rather than trying to shave another 100th of a second off some test."
Is it possible to ever be happy as a shooter? I have sort of always believed that I was on an endless journey of constant training to get better, faster, and more accurate. It is like being on a never-ending path of frustration and finding new goals of the utmost importance. I am now re-thinking this. Age does that to you. After a bunch of Internet forum observations, watching a "joyous" shooter, and finally reading a sentence in a book, I am thinking that happiness is attainable.

Many years ago as a local competitive shooter, I spent more time, money and effort in trying to shave a 100th of a second off my split times. I look back and think now, "What the heck was I thinking"? I was not trying to be a "competition" shooter. I was simply a street cop shooting competitively to "train". What was I training for when I was trying to get to a .15 split? Is it remotely relevant in a defensive shooting when you are shooting far faster than you can react or evaluate and assess. Should I have maybe been working on highly consistent and predictable performance, which was control based rather than time based?

A couple of years ago and began shooting weekly with my (now) business partner Wayne Dobbs. It was very strange. I am always stressed out shooting. I am not a gifted or natural shooter. I have to work my tail off to not screw up. Wayne was different. Wayne was in a "joyous" happy and content place when he was shooting. It is strange to watch him in his bubble. He is exceptionally fast when he wants to be, and I have seen him shoot some amazing groups with various guns and actions. When Wayne floats into his "happy bubble" is when he is shooting at about 80%. Fast, smooth, insanely consistent and very accurate. What I have learned from Wayne is that fast is "neat", but "error free" is where happy is.

This depicts 5 back-to-back Hackathorn drills (10 rounds, 10 seconds, 10 yards from ready). Maybe a new goal of maintaining this and shifting some focus on spending more quality time with your kids, and actually enjoying your range time is a good thing.
Another observation is priorities. How many of us have sacrificed a lot of our lives towards training. I guarantee I am well into deep six figures on the quest and untold thousands of hours of time. That came from "somewhere". Was it a critical priority that I get my fighting skills to as high a level possible as a street cop working mostly weekend nights in a busy place?...Heck yes! At some point should we get to a place where we can maybe give some of that time, money and effort to keeping our family life healthy? Is having a good marriage a good thing for our health and to reduce stress? Is being a good parent a solid investment? Is maybe broadening our horizons a means of further training our brains? Maybe being happy with where we are can allow us to be happier in other aspects of our lives.

What really motivated this article is while I was reading Sixguns by Elmer Keith there was a reference to a man whom Keith described as a "Finished Gunman". He was defined as a man who both attained a high level of expertise as a technical shooter, and had proven himself in actual use of a firearm in gunfights. I started thinking that maybe the goal should be to be a "Finished Gunman".

Now this should not be construed as we should stop training and practicing. Not a chance. Shooting is a very perishable skill, especially with handguns. What I am thinking is that once we get to a very high level of skill and experience should we start thinking about rewarding ourselves with allowing ourselves to happy with where we are, and to then try to maintain a consistent level of high performance over the frustration of thinking that we are never good enough. I don't know the answer, but I am thinking that being happy might lead to a good place.

Darryl Bolke is a retired police officer from Southern California. He has an extensive training background as both student and instructor. He has worked on more than 75 officer involved shooting investigations focusing on the firearms side of those investigations. Darryl has also been in multiple officer involved shootings himself, all with successful outcomes and in-policy. He has written numerous law enforcement firearms training programs and department policy on both firearms and edged weapons. He has also worked extensively in the private sector as both an investigator and protective agent specializing in very high threat protective details. He is currently the Co-Owner of Hardwired Tactical Shooting (HiTS) with Wayne Dobbs based out of Dallas, Texas.

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