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Thursday : May 21 : 2015
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Student Sues Texas College Over Gun Rights Sign
Blinn College student Nicole Sanders filed a First Amendment lawsuit against the public institution near Houston, Texas after being told by an administrator last February that she would need "special permission" to display a gun rights sign and collect signatures for her student group on campus.
Branson, MO Salutes Men and Women Behind the Badge
Beginning June 13, Branson, Missouri will celebrate active and retired law enforcement members during Law Enforcement Recognition Week. This unique experience allows the community to show their support for these men and women through many entertaining events.
Hornady Official Corporate Partner of 2015 State Games of America
Hornady is proud to support the 2015 State Games of America (SGA), July 28 – Aug. 2 in Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska, as an official corporate partner. This biennial multi-sport festival is expected to draw more than 18,000 participants, including 12,000 Nebraskans who are automatically eligible.
Hogue Inc Announces Automatic Retention Carry Holsters
Hogue, Inc. announces their line of automatic retention carry holsters for a wide variety of handguns. Hogue's holster line includes right and left-handed designs for all kinds of handguns from most popular gun makers including Glock, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Walther, Smith & Wesson, CZ and Springfield.

USCCA Video: Three Things You Must Know To Survive
USCCA has posted a video on "Three Tips to Stay Alive." Along the lines of the Into the Fray video series, this video focuses on self-defense and the concealed carry lifestyle.
Davidson's Seeking Buyer For Prescott Purchasing Department Team
Davidson's, one of the nation's top firearms wholesalers, is currently seeking a Buyer to join its Purchasing Department and hardworking team in Prescott. The Buyer will act as a primary point of contact between Davidson's and its suppliers, negotiating and securing the best available terms and pricing, while cultivating strong long-term vendor relationships.
Apex Announces New Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger for Sig Sauer P320
Apex Tactical Specialties announced the upcoming release of the new Apex Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger for the popular Sig Sauer P320 series of pistols.
Swab-its Adds New Zealand Distributor Workshop Innovation
Swab-its®, the makers of Bore-whips™, Bore-tips® and Gun-tips™, is proud to announce that Workshop Innovation of New Zealand has added its name to the growing list of Swab-its distributors.

ARES Defense Releases ARES SCR Adjustable Sights
ARES Defense Systems announces the release and availability of its optional iron sights for the company's ARES SCR rifles. The sights are designed to be user installed in minutes with the supplied wrenches and instructions.
Doug Koenig Championship Season Presents Maine Black Bear
Doug Koenig's Championship Season returns to the Sportsman Channel. This week, the plan is to hunt an area near Mount Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine, known for its heavy concentration of Black Bears in its dense fir forest.
Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter TabLock Kits
The new USA made Sharpshooter™ TabLock™ Kits from Birchwood Casey make hanging targets easier without the need for staplers, tape or push pins.
Leupold's New Digital App Takes Guesswork Out of Scope Mounts
Leupold & Stevens, Inc., recently launched a free Mount Systems app to help hunters and shooters quickly and easily find the rings and bases that are right for their firearms.
New Browning Black Label Disrupter Flashlight
New for 2015 in Browning's Black Label flashlight lineup is the Disrupter. The Disruptor pumps out a stunning 2800 lumens of bright white light that reaches out 500 yards.
Around the Water Cooler: Briefly
In February of this year, Magnum Research introduced the first in a series of animal print Desert Eagles. Following in the success of the Cheetah print, which is now sold out, MRI is now introducing their latest two animal prints, the Kryptek Highlander and the Snakeskin, available in either .50 AE or .44 Mag.

Blue Force Gear announced their Belt Mounted Pouches are in stock and shipping. Combining the versatility of the Ten-Speed line in a platform for daily use, the Belt Pouches securely attach to duty belts, rigger's belts or regular trouser belts.

The National Tactical Officers Association announced release of the Spring Edition of The Tactical Edge, NTOA's magazine. Included in the spring issue are several timely articles such as "Managing Media and Tactical Operations," written by Tommy Carnline, and "Setting the Operational Tone," written by Phil Hansen. Other hot topics covered in this issue include articles on "Body-Worn Cameras and Tactical Operations," and "Addressing Claims of Police Militarization."

The Starline Brass Trail's End Plaza has recently been dedicated on the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, MO. The new, yet historic monument marks the location of the first large-scale effort to drive cattle from Texas to the nearest railhead for shipment to Chicago.

Wiley X, Inc. reminds Americans to honor the true meaning of Memorial Day -- coming up Monday, May 25. As a veteran-founded company with a nearly 30 year history working with America's military, Wiley X has never lost sight of the real meaning behind this significant day of remembrance.

SeaLife, the company that pioneered underwater photography and recently launched the first permanently sealed waterproof camera, has introduced its most powerful, advanced underwater lights to date. Featuring compact light heads, high-power with long burn time, and unmatched versatility, the four latest Sea Dragon lights also offer superior brightness, wide beam angles and cutting-edge LED technology.

American Gunsmithing Institute, producers of Gunsmithing DVD courses, offers M1A owners a new Technical Manual & Armorer's Course on the design, function and repair of the M1A rifle with renowned armorer and international military firearms expert John Bush.

Friends of Fancy Creek Range will host a shooting clinic for youth ages 8-15 on Saturday, June 27 from 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Open to youth of all skill levels, the event will consist of four instruction and practice stations where participants can become familiarized with BB guns, .22 rifles, black powder rifles, and archery equipment. Fancy Creek Shooting Range is at Tuttle Creek State Park near Manhattan, Kans.
Skill Set: Eye Dominance
Revolver stocks by Tiger McKee.
The "eye" question comes up with regularity, especially with new shooters. Most people have a dominant or strong hand. The same thing is true for the feet and legs. A right leg dominant person usually steps with that leg when they start moving, regardless of the direction of movement. The dominance principle applies to the eyes as well. A common question from new shooters is how to determine which eye is dominant. Or, "I'm right handed, but left eye dominant," someone will ask, "so what should I do?" Shooters you shoot with both eyes open or close one? The answer to most of these questions depends on the individual.

An easy technique to determine which eye is dominant is to point at an object with your hand at eye level and both eyes open. Close one eye. If the object you're pointing at is still lined up with your finger the open eye is dominant. When you close an eye and the object seems to shift, the finger isn't on target any longer; the open eye is your non-dominant eye.

It isn't unusual for someone to be "cross-dominant," for example right handed but left eye dominant. With a handgun this isn't a big problem. You can rotate the head slightly so the left eye is on the sights, use more of a Modified Weaver type arm position- support arm slightly bent and at about a forty-five degree angle – to bring the weapon in line with your strong eye, or a combination of both techniques. Sometimes a slight adjustment in the stance is required, but using as natural a stance as possible, the body's natural point of aim, which is where your body wants to be will provide more consistent results.

Some people don't have a dominant eye. When I hold a pistol in the firing position I see two distinct pair of sights. The sights on the left are what my right eye is seeing and the pair on the right is what the left eye sees. For a large target at close range it's not a big deal. I keep both eyes open. When I need more accuracy, a small target or a long distance shot, I squint my left eye slightly, making the right eye dominant. (Squinting one eye usually shifts dominance to the other eye, unless of course the other eye doesn't work very well.)

Partially shutting down one eye can also help if you're cross-dominant and using a rifle, which has four contact points with your body including the cheek-weld, the position of the head on the stock. The other option is to shoot rifles or carbines left-handed, but unless you grew up doing this sometimes this can be difficult. For most people a red-dot type sight solves this problem. With dots your visually focus is on the target, as opposed to the front iron sight, and you have both eyes open. It normally won't matter which eye is stronger, focus on the target and put the dot where it needs to be.

Shooting with both eyes open provides a wide field of view and good depth perception. If necessary squint one eye slightly, shifting dominance to the other eye. Some cross-dominant people shoot pistols with their strong hand and long guns on the side of their strong eye. Ultimately, remember accuracy is about hitting the target. Each individual "sees" differently. Learn what you can get away with for close, large targets. Find out what you need to do as the distance increases or the size of the target decreases. The only way to find out how you need to shoot is to experiment, discovering what's necessary for you as an individual to ensure when you press the trigger the shot goes where you want it. Once you discover what works, practice- as always - is the path to success.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, located in northern Alabama. He is the author of "The Book of Two Guns," writes for several firearms/tactical publications, and is featured on GunTalk's DVD, "Fighting With The 1911 - Website:

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