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Tuesday : February 21 : 2017
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DeSantis Holsters for HK VP9/40
DeSantis Gunhide, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., introduces 2 new holster fits for the H&K VP9/40: the #105 Intruder and the #65 Invader.
Apex's Thin Blue Line Series Triggers Raise $30,000 For C.O.P.S.
In their continuing effort to support the law enforcement community, Randy Lee, president and CEO of Apex Tactical Specialties, presented a check for $15,000 to representatives of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) during COPS Walk Southwest this past Saturday in Scottsdale, Arizona. The donation, made on behalf of Apex and its employees, is the second by the company since the launch of its Thin Blue Line Series of triggers and brings the company's total contribution in support for the families of fallen officers to $30,000.
Springfield Armory Ultimate Gear Package Giveaway
Springfield Armory has teamed with Cannon Safe, HexMag, CrossBreed Holsters, Action Target, Crimson Trace, Personal Defense Network, Propper Apparel, American Trigger, GunTalk Media, PACT, and Freedom Munitions to offer one lucky winner the guns and gear prize package of a lifetime.

Sig Sauer
Federal Premium Ammunition 22 Long Rifle Range & Field Bulk Packs
Federal Premium Ammunition announced new Federal 22 Long Rifle Range & Field loads. The 275-round bulk packs offer convenience and economy while yielding improved accuracy for target and hunting applications.
ZEISS Promotes Dobbs to Director of Sales
Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, the world's leading manufacturer of high performance sports optics, is pleased to announce that effective January 30, 2017, Barton Dobbs has been promoted to the position of Director of Sales – Sports Optics Division.
Armed American Radio Growth Continues With Addition Of New Affiliates
Nationally syndicated Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio Daily Defense with Mark Walters continue their expansion across the nation with new affiliates in several cities.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio Welcomes Two New Stations
Grants Pass, Oregon station KCMD 99.3 FM airs Tom Gresham's Gun Talk live on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Pacific. Plus, Gun Talk, currently airing live Sundays on KSBN 1230 AM in Spokane, WA, will now simulcast on KSBN 103.5 FM.
Sightmark to Exhibit at NRA Annual Meetings
Sightmark is excited to announce participation in the upcoming NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Atlanta, Georgia from April 27-30, 2017. The 146th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits is a four-day event, expected to be attended by over 80,000 patriots.
Firefield Emissary Binoculars
Firefield's new Emissary binoculars are available in two mission ready models, the Emissary 10x32 Binocular and Emissary 16x32 Binocular. Firefield's lightweight Emissary binoculars feature precision-machined multi-coated, scratch-resistant optics, K9 roof prism, central focus system with a close focus distance of 18.4 ft.

Gun Digest & Tiger McKee Teach You to Run Your AR-15
In AR-15 Skills & Drills, Shootrite Firearms Academy owner and professional defensive shooting instructor Tiger McKee lays out the details you need to develop proficiency with the AR-15. This one-of-a-kind book from Gun Digest Media outlines the essential physical and mental skills necessary to safely and efficiently operate the AR and then provides specific drills to develop and improve those skills.
Apex Announces Purple Anodized Triggers For Popular Model Pistols
Apex Tactical Specialties announces the addition of purple anodized trigger options for the popular M&P and M&P Shield, from Smith & Wesson, and most Glock pistols. The new purple triggers will be available Tuesday, February 28. Dealer and distributors are invited to place stocking orders now.
Atlanta to Host NRA's 146th Annual Meetings & Exhibits
The 146th National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meetings and Exhibits will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia from April 27-30, 2017.
Ergo's Assortment Of New Colors
ERGO now offers seven stunning colors for many of its top selling products. Colors are available on many of their over molded SUREGRIP accessories. These include AR15/AR10 Grips, AK Grips and slot/rail covers.
Editor's Notebook: Handling Tests for Small Guns
Part of evaluating a small gun has amounted to doing handling tests better suited to larger guns. Now we have a pair of tests that are meant more for small guns that service-grade heaters.

To start with, with have the Snub "Super" Test from Hardwired Tactical Shooting. Taken from "The Test," an exam of autopistol competency from Ken Hackathorn, this version is a little different. The Test is 10 rounds in ten seconds at ten yards from a ready position (but not muzzle-on-target). It's fired on the NRA B-8 (25 yard Timed and Rapid Fire) bullseye target and the objective is to keep them all inside the "9" ring and better.

To test snub competency, HiTS came up with this test:

10 yards, from low ready (muzzle directed at the deck below the target frame): fire five rounds in 8 seconds.

5 yards, from low ready, five rounds in five seconds.

3 yards, from low ready, five rounds in three seconds fired dominant hand only.

The Snub Super Test also uses the B-8 target. Scoring the target as marked, 150 points are 'possible.' As I had the Ruger LCRx 357, I elected to shoot this course to see "where I was." I loaded with Hornady Critical Defense .38 Special 110 grain FTX +P. I only carry .38 Special ammo in this gun and another fly-weight Magnum that I've carried for years.

While I have fired .357 Magnums out of this hand-howitzer, the split times could be appropriately measured via sundial. The Critical Defense +P hits close to point of aim in this gun: in running this course of fire, having point of aim-point of impact figured out in advance is critical, just like it is on the street.

I scored the target and recorded the time for each string. Without having a benchmark in place, I'm not sure how I could improve. The course was fired cold – first exercise out of the gate on arriving at the range.

There's clear room for improvement on the Snub Super Test. As a diagnostic, record time and score for each stage before shooting the next one.
At ten yards, I scored 45/50 fired in 5.7 seconds. I had one "8" high left and one "8" just outside the 9-ring at 8 o'clock. From five yards, I shot a 47 in 3.6 seconds. At three yards, firing right-hand unsupported, I got in a hurry – 2.5 seconds – and had a disastrous low hit that just cut the "7" ring. The good news for me is that there were 2 – "Xs" and 2 "10s." I ended with 139/150.

This was followed by the bad news. I shot Hackathorn's Wizard Drill, a holster intensive situation that's problematic for guns that are difficult to get a grip on in a hurry. The LCRx is not terrible in that situation, but it was not quick enough. When shooting the Wiz with a Commander or a Glock 19, you can find it's doable.

The "cheat" this time was using the DeSantis Speed Scabbard. I thought this open-top leather holster sat too high on the belt – until I tried it. It's actually at just the right place for me. Access to the gun was indeed quick – getting my hand properly around the Hogue Tamer was a bit slow. I was 'recovering' the grip when I got a two-hand hold on the gun – something that didn't happen at the close stage of the Wizard Drill.

What is the Wiz? It takes all of five rounds of ammo, needs a target with a scoring ring in the head box and a center zone on the 'upper chest" and is fired in four stages. The par time for all stages is 2.5 seconds – very appropriate in the combative environment. Using much more time than that results in taking more incoming rounds. Stage 1 is one hit to the brain housing group, one handed, from the holster from three yards. The next two stages – 5 yards and 7 yards – are the same drill except you can use two hands to deliver the hit from each distance. From ten yards, it's two hits in the main scoring zone, fired two handed, in 2.5 seconds.

The DeSantis Speed Scabbard (left) was used in the (failed) Wizard Drill. The Galco Hornet (right) was used crossdraw on a road trip.
For each head shot out of the "ring," deduct 1 point. For a hit outside the main scoring area – but still on the target -- deduct one point. You can lose up to two points and pass. Any shot over time – or any complete miss – is a BOLO.

I started out with a miss – failing the test. Finding that problem, I began working on correcting it. That's the proper way to use any of the qualifications or drills you see out there: when you foul something up, work on it. After correcting the issue, I didn't quit, but sought to continue, using the Wizard Drill as a learning tool.

I had no other misses, but went over time at ten yards – like I said, it's not easy.

To continue to develop with this gun, I need to work on cutting time to the first hit from the holster – reshooting the drill over and over won't help. Only by correcting the deficiency will allow success on the Wizard Drill – or anything else. The hits are relatively easy to make with the LCRx using the +P ammo. The need in this case is to be able to quickly gain that firing grip in the holster – shooting from guard or high ready was already worked out.

I use snub revolvers and small autos as utility guns: they meet certain different needs very well. I'd received a rig from Galco called the Hornet. Like the Speed Scabbard used in the handling test, the Hornet is nicely made of natural materials, in this case steer hide. It's configured for butt-rearward appendix carry or as a crossdraw. That's how I used it on a short road trip.

Having the holster placed at about 10:30, the holster held the butt close to the body but quickly accessible. As it was with the DeSantis Speed Scabbard, getting the firing grip on the gun was not an issue for the holster – it's an issue relating to the shortness and roundness of the stock.

It's a training issue.

After many years of carrying strong side, I find that having a front crossdraw is still pretty handy when one spends some time behind the wheel. I don't forget it's there because it's still a novelty.

These are a pair of neat holsters and they'll help me get past the draw issue with the LCRx – which continues to work extremely well.

-- Rich Grassi

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