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Tuesday : June 28 : 2016
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Silencer Shop
Apex Announces Freedom Edition Triggers for the M&P and M&P Shield
Apex Tactical Specialties announces the immediate availability of two new Freedom Edition Triggers. The limited edition triggers are red anodized and laser engraved with a U.S. flag motif. For the various centerfire M&P pistols there is the Apex Freedom Edition Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit, and for the M&P Shield there is the Apex Freedom Edition Action Enhancement Trigger & Duty/Carry Kit.
Vero Vellini Now Offers Its Premium Rifle Slings In Realtree Xtra
Vero Vellini, world renowned for its hand-crafted, comfortable slings, announced today that two of its popular Premium rifle slings will be offered in the new Realtree Xtra camouflage pattern.
Dave and Brooke Sevigny Win WCS Speed on Steel
GASTON GLOCK style LP is proud to announce team members Dave and Brooke Sevigny's wins at the 2016 WCS Speed on Steel Northeast Regional. The annual steel pistol tournament was held June 10-12 in Westhampton, NY.

Sig Sauer
SOG's New Videos Show How Multi-Tools Are For Multi-Tasking
If you had to pick one tool - and one tool only - to diffuse, ignite and open new possibilities in your life, what would it be? SOG Knives & Tools knows. It would be a multi-tool. And there's video evidence to prove it.
Hogue Inc. Announces 1911 Stocks for Techwell Magwells
Hogue has taken their popular Extreme Series grips that already accommodate S&A Mag Guides and has redesigned them for additional compatibility with Techwell magwells. Grips often require a gunsmith to accept Techwell magwells, but now the 1911 owner has no need to make any alterations at all.
Sportsman's Team Challenge National Championship Hits a Home Run in Grand Island, NE
Held at the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island, NE, nearly 50 three person and two person teams, from 20 states competed in the Sportsman's Team Challenge National Championships, demonstrating various levels of shooting skills, received a warm welcome by local city officials and went home with arms full of cash and prizes exceeding $75K.

SAAMI Announces Acceptance of 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum Cartridge
The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI), the firearms and ammunition industry's technical standards-setting organization, recently announced the acceptance of a new cartridge and chamber standard, the 6.5-300 Weatherby, introduced by Weatherby, Inc.
Get Free Shipping This Independence Day Weekend At
Load up on drop-in performance upgrades for Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Walther pistols – including the new Freedom Edition Trigger – at and get free shipping on orders placed Tuesday, June 28 thru Monday, July 4.
Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation Offers Supporting Membership Level
The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) is proud to announce a new membership level for individuals dedicated to securing the future of youth shooting sports in America.

Comp-Tac Victory Gear Adds Holster Fits for Revolvers
Comp-Tac Victory Gear has once again expanded their holster fits to include holsters for a variety of revolver sizes. Comp-Tac's popular International Holster now has fits for the S&W K, L and N frame revolvers.
Daniel Defense Releases .308 Hunting Rifle
Daniel Defense has released a new .308 rifle designed specifically for North American hunters. The Daniel Defense Ambush .308 in Kryptek Highlander is an accurate, hard-hitting platform engineered from the ground up to take down any North American big-game animal.
RTS Targets by FAB Defense
With the increase in gun ownership and participation in shooting activities, a more active way to enjoy target shooting – especially for those who are easily bored – is reactive targets. Steel targets have to be engaged from a safe distance but Reactive Target Systems by FAB Defense are made from a self-sealing polymer. This solves the distance problem and they are fun like steel.
"Into the Fray" Revisits Support Hand Shooting
Kevin Michalowski, Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, revisits support hand shooting in this latest installment of the USCCA video series "Into the Fray."
Sightmark Wolfhound 3x24 and 6x44 Sights
Sightmark is proud to present its line of Wolfhound Prismatic Sights. Sightmark's Wolfhound line of prism sights are rugged and ready to handle extreme situations between -40° to 160° F.
Firefield's Prismatic 3x30 Combat Sight
Firefield proudly introduces the Prismatic 3x30 Combat Sight. This rugged, reliable sight gets you in the action fast. The Firefield Prismatic 3x30 Combat Sight is also available with a 1.5x extender to take your magnifying capability up to 4.5x.
Pulsar DN55 Night Vision
Pulsar introduces the DN55 Forward Digital Night Vision Monocular and Riflescope Attachment. This digital forward attachment night vision optic pulls double duty as a 10x monocular and front riflescope attachment employing your own reticle and magnification via an adapter (sold separately).
Knife Rights' Day in Court
After five years, Knife Rights finally got its day in court in its Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against New York City and District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. Oral arguments wrapped up the actual trial in the long-running battle against New York City's unconstitutional enforcement of the state's gravity knife law against owners of common folding knives.
Brownells New Product Review
Learn about the hottest new Brownells products from the best brands at the New Product Center. This week's video features the Polymer80 80% Pistol Frame, the Volquartsen MKIII Competition Bolt Assembly, the Volquartsen 22/45 Competition Frame and the Wilson Combat Compact Elite Tactical 1911 Magazine.
Fobus Holsters Available at Dick's Sporting Goods
Fobus is pleased to announce that Dick's Sporting Goods now carries Fobus' popular line of universal Inside the Waistband holsters at over 100 of their store locations. Fobus' universal Inside the Waistband polymer holster is non-collapsing and highly concealable.
Wilson Combat Shooting Team Performs in Oklahoma
Wilson Combat is excited to release the Shooting Team's results from the Stars and Stripes Regional IDPA Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The team dominated this match, winning seven of the thirteen categories.
Hogue Announce 1911 grips to Accommodate a Techwell Magwell
Hogue has taken their popular ExtremeTM Series grips for 1911 Government models that already accommodate S&A Mag Guides® and has redesigned them for additional compatibility with Techwell® magwells.
Steiner Combines eOptics Divisions Under Alan Page
To further increase its global market leadership position in electro-optics, Steiner will combine its Steiner eOptics division (formerly Laser Devices Inc.), with its newly acquired Steiner STS division (formerly part of the O'Gara Group). The new organization will retain the name Steiner eOptics, Inc. and will be located in Miami Township in Montgomery County, Ohio.
SAAMI Welcomes Six
The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute® (SAAMI®) is pleased to announce that six new companies have joined its member roster.
An Editor's Eye-View (and Sneak Preview) of New Products from BLACKHAWK!
In addition to AR accessories by BLACKHAWK! put on the Palmetto State Armory carbine, the company showed off their suppressor line. The "Mini-Boss" 9mm suppressor is shown here on a Gen 4 Glock 19.

The Bushnell AR scope had been bore-sighted but seminar participants did a final zero before serious fun commenced.

The medic for the BLACKHAWK! Media Seminar gave the PS-15 carbine a try. She experienced zero misses, something media personnel cannot claim.

Editor's Notebook: Traveling Light
For those errands that require you to be disarmed for part of the trip, a small gun may be the only choice. This option is the Ruger LC9, a Blackhawk! Tecgrip holster and Hornady ammunition. Some find the Critical Defense Lite to be easier to handle in small 9mm pistols.
It struck me recently that there are times we have to go less-well armed than we'd like. It's something I prefer not to get in the habit of, but I've accumulated some gear to allow that eventuality when it became necessary.

Like paying taxes, it will become necessary at one time or another for everyone. Instead of lacking the ability to launch an armed self-defense, it's better to have something rather than nothing. There are a variety of times that can become necessary. I'm legal to carry nearly everywhere in my state short of penal institutions. There are times I have to enter "safety" zones – rarely – such as a medical appointment out of state or entering into an airport terminal.

I'm not leaving large amounts of hardware around to be stolen in my absence. There are locking containers you can physically attach to your vehicle – and I recommend them. The weakest of them hidden is better than nothing at all.

In the current heatwave, having a cover garment on compounds the problem. I've taken to using pocket carry or an IWB pouch – not a conventional holster. For one thing, that gives a potential thief something else to take. For another, discretion can be critically important on such errands.

Recently, I took a Ruger LC9 out of the safe and checked it over. This is a double-action, hammer-fired gun – not the LC9s. This particular heater has XS Sights. I used it to outshoot a stock LC9s last year. I know the gun works and I'm accustomed to trigger cocking guns.

Having a gun is fine but you need to feed it. The magazine in the gun has the flat floor plate to better be concealed. The spare magazine has the extended base plate for the reload.
In this particular situation, I used the factory 7-round magazine with a flat base plate in the gun, trimming its size just a bit more and backed it with a spare factory magazine with the extended floor plate. I put the gun in the new Blackhawk! Tecgrip "Inside-the-Pocket" holster. This gizmo of a weird grippy but not 'tacky' exterior with a slick exterior. I'd used a bigger one AIWB with a Glock 19 and was impressed with it – as far as it goes.

The Tecgrip line doesn't take the place of conventional holsters. It's for use when conventional holsters are out of the equation for whatever reason. When I was on the property but lightly dressed, the Tecgrip kept the 15-shot autoloader in place. Once the gun is drawn, the holster has to be removed from the waist and the gun replaced – a two-handed job. That's not optimum, but it's something you must do with a great many pocket holsters anyway.

The Tecgrip Size 4 fit the LC9 perfectly. In the pocket of a pair of jeans, the gun virtually disappears. When I had to be away from the vehicle without the gun for one of those "non-permissive environment" type events, I locked the Ruger LC9 with the provided key, then locked the gun in a metal lock box hidden away. On my return, it was a simple matter to get access to the lock box, unlock it, unlock the gun, holster it and be on my way – with no one the wiser.

Optimum? No. It does take some worry out of those rare trips that require some thought to remain legal.

-- Rich Grassi

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