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Thursday : February 11 : 2016
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Streamlight Introduces Super Siege Rechargeable LED Lantern
Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting, introduced the Super Siege, a brilliant 1,100 lumen rechargeable light that is one of the brightest LED lanterns available today. The new model is ideal for large-scale scene lighting required by industrial users, first responders and outdoor enthusiasts alike.
Daniel Defense Recognizes Brownells, Again
For the second consecutive year, Brownells has received Daniel Defense's 2015 Platinum Dealer of the Year.
Front Line's Quad Holster
One of the most versatile holster systems offered by Front Line is the Quad holster. It can be worn IWB, OWB, left side and right.
SSSF Releases Scholastic Action Shooting Program DVD
The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation announced the release of a brand new DVD on the Scholastic Action Shooting Program. The nearly two-hour educational video is geared toward coaches, parents and athletes interested in getting started in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program.

Apex Back As Major Sponsor Of Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals
Apex Tactical Specialties announced it will be one of the major sponsors of the 2016 Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals. This is the fourth year in a row Apex has supported the event.
Bar-Sto Precision's Irving Stone III 2016 APG Pistolsmith of the Year
Irving Stone III, owner of Bar-Sto Precision Machine, has receivedwith the 2016 American Pistolsmiths Guild Pistolsmith of the Year Award.
TRUGLO Launches TRU-BRITE 30 Series Rifle Scopes
TRUGLO® Inc. launches a new top-of-the-line rifle scope series. The TRU-BRITE™ 30 Series of 30mm illuminated compact rifle scopes.
MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat in Realtree Xtra
MidwayUSA introduces the Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat -- now available in Realtree Xtra. The mat now features the several upgrades.

Davidson's Seeks Applicants for Employment
Davidson's is currently seeking individuals to join their team in Prescott, Arizona. Davidson's has positions open for Sales Professionals, IT Techs, Administrative Assistants, and Accountants.
Burris Seeks Director of Marketing
Burris Company is seeking candidates for Director of Marketing. The Director of Marketing directs professional Marketing staff as needed for strategic direction to successfully fulfill needs for tradeshow marketing, sponsored event programs and other tasks.
Burris Company Seeks Senior Graphic Designer
Burris is seeking a Senior Graphic Designer. The incumbent will work closely with the marketing staff in developing design concepts using knowledge of layout principals and design concepts. Prepares layouts from approved concepts using Macintosh computer and design software.
Swab-Its Announces 4th Year Sponsoring Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals
Swab-its®, the makers of Bore-whips™, Bore-tips® and Gun-tips™, announces their 4th year of sponsoring the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championship, to be held February 18-20, on the indoor ranges of the Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center in Springfield, Mass.
Team Weatherby Members At The Western Hunting & Conservation Expo
Weatherby's booth (#244) at the 2016 Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, February 11 – 14, in Salt Lake City will feature appearances by Team Weatherby celebrities Chad Mendes, Willie Bloomquist, Darryl Worley, and Bear Pascoe, as well as Olympic Medalist and Professional Snowboarder Scotty Lago.
FMG's Online Exclusive Explores Concealed Carry Options
FMG Publications online editor Mark Kakkuri's mission to reveal the most effective concealed carry options has uncovered a pair of gems in recent reviews of Andy Langlois and DeSantis products.
New Inland "Trench Gun"
MKS Supply is marketing the latest Inland Manufacturing retro military firearm: the Ithaca Model 37 combat shotgun. Manufactured by Ithaca in a joint and exclusive effort with Inland Manufacturing, the Ithaca Model 37 "trench gun" is back. This new, all-American-made combat shotgun is faithful to the original.
Colt Auctions Exclusive M2012 Bolt Action Rifle to Benefit Folds Of Honor Foundation
Colt gives back to the families of fallen or wounded soldiers through its continued support of veteran charity partner Folds of Honor Foundation. From February 5-19, 2016, is hosting an auction for an exclusive Folds of Honor themed custom Colt bolt action rifle model M2012LT308G, the proceeds of which will be donated directly to the charity.
Knife Rights Maryland Knife Law Preemption Bill Introduced
At the request of Knife Rights, a bipartisan Maryland Knife Law Preemption bill, SB 653, has been introduced by Senators Wayne Norman and John Astle. The bill has been assigned to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.
Crimson Trace Grows Green Laser Options
Crimson Trace continues to expand its green laser sights category. The Wilsonville, Oregon based manufacturer now offers more green laser sights than all of its competitors. The recent release of Crimson Trace's Lasergrips LG-350G with the advanced ShockStop — designed for Smith & Wesson's J-frame revolvers — brought the number of Crimson Trace green laser sight products to more than two dozen.
Brownells Named Daniel Defense's 2015 Platinum Dealer of the Year
Brownells has received Daniel Defense's 2015 Platinum Dealer of the Year award. This is the second consecutive year that Brownells has received the award, also having been recognized for consistently high sales of Daniel Defense products in 2014.
Potterfields Donate Over $67,000 to Support Youth Shooting Sports
Larry and Brenda Potterfield, owners of MidwayUSA, recently donated $67,162 to the MidwayUSA Foundation to benefit youth shooting sports. This donation stems from a matching program offered by the MidwayUSA Foundation and is further proof of their commitment to provide sustainable financial support to youth shooting sports teams across America.
Allen Company Expands Popular Baktrak Slings
Allen Company has recently expanded their lineup of popular Baktrak Slings. Baktrak slings are known foremost for their tacky grip-like tread system fused into the back of the sling structure.
Skill Set: Learning
From Wednesday's Shooting Wire by Rich:

"Meanwhile, I saw a posting from an instructor who found he had an armorer course student who'd never touched, fired, carried a firearm before. The questions that the student raised made the instructor think he was being trolled. It became apparent that this student was "newest of the new" and decided to start in the firearms lifestyle by learning about the pistol in-depth."

What a great story, and the sign of someone approaching firearms ownership from the right way, learning how a tool works, in this case a firearm, before buying one and "headin' out to the range to check that baby out." All tools require an education and experience to use properly; some, such as firearms, more so than others. It doesn't matter what the tool is, knowing what it's supposed to do and how it functions will accelerate your learning process.

You can own a car, drive it and when necessary drop it off at the shop to have all the necessary maintenance and repairs performed to keep it running. But, talk to a serious car guy, or gal, and they'll tell you that keeping it running, performing all the work themselves, is a part of ownership. Through this process they "learn" the ways of the car, and if something is just a little bit off they know it immediately and fix it. They also learn what their vehicle can do and most importantly the skills to drive it to its capabilities.

The same should be true for "shooters." Most of the readers here know how their weapon works and can strip it down for cleaning. A lot of you can completely disassemble them, replacing parts if needed. And some readers can build or make whatever they dream or desire. On the other hand, based on my experience, the majority of gun "owners" usually don't even know how to break their weapon down for cleaning, much less how to identify a problem and whether it's something they can repair/replace or if it needs to go to a gunsmith.

Ownership of a firearm means you know how it works, what it's capable of, and have the ability to maintain it. Nobody is born with this knowledge; we all start from the same square. And not all shooters need to know every aspect of their weapon, such as the exact composition of the metal in your barrel or the have the ability and equipment to do custom 'smithing. Somewhere in the middle ground is where most of us need to be. Not enough knowledge, and yes, you can shoot it but when something isn't working properly will you know it? For example, what direction should your AR eject brass? Ideally it should be hitting the ground at about a four-o'clock position from the shooter. When the brass it landing at a two-o'clock location what does this mean? Usually it's time to replace the ejector spring.

We offer an AR Familiarization class, which is about four hours in the classroom explaining how the AR functions and what each part does. Students break their AR's down, removing and replacing the internals and learn how to clean and lube them. It's not an armorer's class, but it does teach new owners how the AR works, and the ability to maintain and service it. Students normally attend this class the night before the regular range instruction. Once on the range they understand how the weapon functions, and what they must do in order to operate it safely and efficiently. With this knowledge they are able to focus on their skills as opposed to trying to figure out how the weapon works and keep up with the instruction. As instructors it makes our job a lot easier, and usually we discover a problem prior to hitting the range, saving us time having to make field repairs. It's a win-win.

For those of you who are weapons savvy make it a point to educate one of your less knowledgeable brothers or sisters. If you own a weapon and don't truly know it find someone who does and ask them to "school you." For those of you who know a little, learn more. The better you understand your weapon the safer and more efficient you'll operate it, regardless of the application.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, located in northern Alabama. He is the author of "The Book of Two Guns" - writes for several firearms/tactical publications, and is featured on GunTalk's DVD, "Fighting With The 1911 - Website:

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