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Thursday : August 25 : 2016
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DeSantis Outback Holster
DeSantis Gunhide, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., introduces a new product, the #145 Outback. It is a freshly designed OWB/IWB holster that is ambidextrous and two sizes fit almost all concealable handguns.
Wilson Combat a Sponsor for the IDPA US Nationals
Custom 1911 manufacturer Wilson Combat has once again signed on as a major sponsor of IDPA's U.S. National Championship, according to an announcement by officials with the International Defensive Pistol Association.
October 2016 issue of S.W.A.T.
The October issue of S.W.A.T. features a sub-MOA AK-pattern rifle, the Rifle Dynamics RD700 DMR. The popular S.W.A.T. Sweepstakes features the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield—one of today's most popular compact 9mm pistols.

Sig Sauer
FMG Online Exclusives
In FMG Online exclusives, the Online Editor revews the Kershaw Barge, a serious folding knife, and the mid-size tactical light that doubles as an impact weapon.
Sightmark Core Shot Reflex Sight
The Sightmark Core Shot Reflex Sight employs parallax correction and an anti-reflective, coated, curved glass system to keep your sight picture crystal clear, field of view wide and red-dot centered. The Core Shot Reflex has a hard-anodized aluminum body and shockproof design.
Viridian Trainer Makes an "Impossible" Shot
Viridian Chief Tactical Trainer and founder of Archway Defense, Peter Johnson, recently hit a target at long distance – drawing from a holster and making the hit in about a second.

Birchwood Casey Olympus Resetting Target
The new Olympus Resetting Target from the Birchwood Casey World of Targets line offers fast- paced, gallery-type action for rimfire rifles and handguns. It has three 3-½ inch paddles to knock down and a fourth paddle that resets all three knock down paddles when hit.
Julie Golob Wins USPSA Championship With Trijicon RMR
Trijicon Inc. announced Elite Pro-Staff member Julie Golob's success at the Carry Optics National Championships. She won her 15th USPSA Ladies National Title and became the first woman in history to win a national title in all seven USPSA divisions.
Leupold & Stevens Contributes to #GUNVOTE Voter Education Campaign
The National Shooting Sports Foundation is pleased to announce that Leupold & Stevens has joined #GUNVOTE's Ambassador Club in support of the association's critical voter registration and education campaign.

Tacstar Shotgun Slimline Sidesaddles
Lyman/Tacstar's new Slimline Shotgun Sidesaddle has a contoured non-glare aluminum backing plate to take up less space on the shotgun receiver. The shell carrier material is a proprietary flexible synthetic 'rubber' for durability and weather resistance.
Bill Robinson Departs Daniel Defense
Daniel Defense announced that Bill Robinson has resigned from Daniel Defense and will be pursuing interests near his home in Greenville, SC. He will be working with the company for a few weeks to assist in a smooth transition.
Honor Defense/DEA Survivors Fund Auction Ends Soon
GunsAmerica launched an auction for a brand new Honor Guard Sub-Compact semi-automatic 9mm handgun on behalf of the DEA Survivors Benefit Fund. The Fund provides money to the family of an agent slain in the line of duty to help with funeral and family transportation expenses, accommodations and other associated costs. The auction ends next week, August 30, 2016.
Instagram Disables @WorldOfTroy Account
On Friday, without any warning or reason, Instagram disabled and unpublished @WorldOfTroy. A contributor of social media content to shooting and hunting friends and followers, professional and nonsworn, TROY Industries used the account to connect with people who enjoy Second Amendment freedoms. No explanation has thus far been given.
MidwayUSA Foundation Matches Nearly $100,000 in Donations
The MidwayUSA Foundation has matched $91,932 in donations to youth shooting teams for the month of July. This money will benefit 72 youth shooting teams that are part of MidwayUSA Foundation's Team Endowment Account Program.
Beretta Congratulates Kim Rhode
Beretta DT11 shooter Kim Rhode made history when she was awarded the bronze medal for Women's Skeet during the Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro. Rhode is the first athlete to win an individual medal at six straight Summer Olympics and the first to win Olympic medals on five continents.
Starline Donates $8,700 to America's Mighty Warriors
Starline recently announced they will be donating $8,700 to America's Mighty Warriors, an organization whose mission is to honor the sacrifices of our troops, the fallen and their families by providing programs that improve quality of life, resiliency and recovery.
New Hampshire State Police Selects SIG SAUER Electro-Optic for Patrol Rifles
SIG SAUER, Inc., announced that the New Hampshire State Police has selected the SIG SAUER ROMEO4 as its new duty optic. The state police agency selected the ROMEO4 red-dot sight to serve as the primary optic on all patrol rifles.
Gander Mountain Announces National NRA Weekend
Gander Mountain announced its National NRA Weekend event, taking place at all Gander Mountain locations around the country on September 10th and 11th. During this weekend, customers can purchase a discounted NRA membership for $30 (regularly priced at $40) and receive a $25 Gander Mountain gift card along with their discounted membership.
Skill Set: Camouflage
My dad was in the Special Forces – a "Green Beret" with the 20th Group – and I remember in the late sixties and seventies him using regular car tags for our vehicles instead of the military tags he could get at a discount. At this time the U.S. was still involved in Vietnam, and a lot of malice was being directed at military personnel here at home. He explained he didn't want mom and us to get into any trouble by having a military tag. "You always want to be careful," he explained, "so you don't attract the wrong kind of attention."

Back in "caveman" times we had animal skins for clothing and spears and such for weapons. All of these things came from the environment, so they blended and provided camouflage. Add a bunch of dirt and mud to that and you were good to go. Today it's a lot different, but nothing has really changed. There are still things out there that will attack if they see the "wrong" thing.

Urban environments are full of colors and shapes. One would think that it's easy to blend into all the confusion. And it is, as long as you give it some thought. Clothing is one thing to consider. For example I'm not a big fan of publicly wearing clothing that has a firearms logo on it. I don't want anyone knowing I'm a shooter, or that I even own firearms. The same thing goes for your vehicles. Stickers and decals attract attention. It may be someone giving you a thumb's up in agreement with your life choices. Or, someone sees the same stickers and covertly follows you home to see where all your goodies are stashed. The most common way criminals acquire firearms is through theft.

The same thing applies to cute stickers with your children's names on them. This is a great way for a threat to gain your confidence. "Hey," they say, "you're Timmy's mom." You reply, "Yes." They move closer. "He goes to school with my son." You relax, and don't even have time to scream when his partner clamps a hand over your mouth from behind.

You should also think about the "blue line" stickers or tags on the front of your car. Law enforcement officers have become targets. Having your personal vehicle marked, letting everyone know the people inside that car are either officers or related to officers is not a good idea, and yet when I go into town I see dozens of them.

I feel the same way about open carry. I don't want anyone knowing I'm armed. While it may be your right to carry openly, you need to think about the pro's and con's of this action. Search the 'net for "open carry gun stolen." This alone should cause you to reconsider.

What happens if you have to leave your car during bad times? There's civil unrest, the roads are hopelessly clogged and you have to abandon your vehicle. It might be a good idea to have some type of camo to put on. A gray coat, an old pair of jeans and hiking boots, along with a well-used backpack, make it easy for you to hide or blend into both urban and rural areas.

Often we get so focused on the newest firearm, the latest gear and all the training and practicing that we forget to think about simple things. You don't want to attract attention. Don't feed the threats intel on you or your family. Have the means to blend, hide or look like something else in order to be safe. That means thinking about camouflage.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, located in northern Alabama. He is the author of "The Book of Two Guns" - writes for several firearms/tactical publications, and is featured on GunTalk's DVD, "Fighting With The 1911 - Website:

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