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Tuesday : August 26 : 2014
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Team MGM Shooters Among Top of The Classes at M3GI
Team MGM Junior Shooters Brian Nelson, Wyatt Gibson, and JD Wilcox turned in great performances at the Midnight 3-Gun held last weekend in Bend, Oregon. In addition to finishing in 13, 14 and 15 places among the more than 200 competitors as juniors, four top ten positions were taken by Team MGM shooters Kalani Laker, True Pearce, Travis Gibson and Jesse Tischauser.
Christensen Arms Launches New Website
Christensen Arms announces the launch of a complete redesign of the Christensen Arms website,
Volquartsen Custom Becomes Silver Sponsor of NSSF Rimfire Challenge
Rifle innovator Volquartsen Custom is set to join the National Shooting Sports Foundation as its newest Silver Sponsor of the Rimfire Challenge.
Crimson Trace Seeks Regional Sales Manager
Crimson Trace seeks a sales professional to become the Regional Sales Manager (RSM) in the Midwest. The position covers Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and southern Illinois and will serve as the accounts manager within that area.
SecureIt Tactical's Conversion Kit
SecureIt Tactical's MILSPEC Conversion Kit is a modular system that allows the user to easily retrofit any traditional safe or locking cabinet/closet into a flexible firearm storage system. Each firearm is individually secured to prevent contact with the container's interior or other firearms.

Kahr Arms
DeSantis Announces Holsters for SIG P227
DeSantis Gunhide®, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., introduces 3 holster fits for the Sig Sauer P227R -- a pair of belt holsters and one inside-the-waistband.
Orchid Advisors Announces Keynote Speakers and Program for Firearms Compliance Conference
Orchid Advisors announces keynote speakers and program for its 2014 Firearms Compliance Conference on October 6-8, 2014, in Miami, Florida. More than 50 speakers will hail from major manufacturers such as Smith & Wesson, Remington, and Colt; major distributors such as Lipsey's and Big Rock Sports; and government entities such as the FBI.
CrossBreed® Holsters for S&W Governor & Taurus Judge
CrossBreed® Holsters, LLC introduces two new holsters for the Taurus Judge (5 shot with 2.5" chamber) and the Smith & Wesson Governor.
Daniel Defense Releases New Firearms, KeyMod Rail System
Daniel Defense announces new product releases including theirDDM4v11 Series Rifles, MK18 Pistol and 300 Blackout Pistol Variants. The DDM4v11 series of rifles features the newly designed SLiM Rail™ 15.0, their first rail system featuring the KeyMod attachment system.
Leupold® Mark 6® 3-18x44mm Wins Again with FBI Contract
Leupold® has been selected to deliver Mark 6® 3-18x44mm riflescopes to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Designated for use by the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), the Mark 6 3-18x44mm delivers a wide magnification range in a compact, efficient package great for urban environments and extended rural settings.
Nikon Seeks Sales Manager (Hunting/Outdoor Channel)
Nikon is currently looking for a Sales Manager (Hunting/Outdoor Channel) to be responsible for selling and servicing new and existing accounts through thier network of independent manufacturer representatives who call on independent sporting goods retailers in the US.
Speed and Precision Highlight New G-Force DX Laser Rangefinder
Bushnell combines unrivaled speed and precision in its new G-Force DX laser range finder. Featuring a second generation E.S.P. (Extreme Speed Precision) processor and enhanced Vivid Display Technology (VDT™), the G-Force DX raises the bar on performance.
Editor's Notebook: Steel
The TacStrike FRB target is sized to fit in the U.S. Postal Service Flat Rate Box -- making for decreased shipping costs.
Shooting on steel gets you immediate feedback, one of the advantages over paper. There are disadvantages to steel, one which actually turns out to help shooters who pay attention. If you don't have your own personal shooting range and if your gun club or other accessible range doesn't have steel, you have to get your own to see what it's like.

That's pricey from the purchase price for quality steel and for shipping. Plus, you have to lug the stuff around. The "wow" factor can quickly diminish.

I became acquainted with TacStrike some time back but had never used any of their gear. The first thing to draw my attention wasn't the steel targets at all but the arched frame target carriers. Made to use the standard 2"x1" or 2"x2" uprights, the "feet" are arched, putting the carrier 1 ½" higher - facilitating the use of the target frames on uneven ground. As most ground is uneven, that's an advantage. (And, the Arched Frame Target Carriers are on sale until the end of this week.)

I've yet to purchase those carriers though because something else came to my attention: the FRB steel targets.

Part of the "Backyard Memories" line of targets, they're not made for high volume training but for recreation. There are two different FRB targets, the SFRT and MFRT. As my son has a place to shoot and his cup of tea is currently rimfire, Rob Tackett's brainstorm became my first TacStrike purchase. I got one of each for my offspring.

This is the "small" FRB target placed on a garden fence post purchased from Tractor Supply Co. The target is tilted a little toward the shooter to cause the bullet splatter to go into the ground at the base of the target.
The targets are constructed of 3/8" AR500-Brinnell 500 steel and have a welded bracket on the back. This allows use of a standard garden fence post - as found at Tractor Supply and other retailers - but not a full-size T-post. If you got the target carrier that uses 1"x 2" lumber, the FRBs fit on those as well. The splatter from the impacts will limit the lumber's service life a bit compared to the steel fence post and shooting the strip is problematic too.

What makes these targets special? They're cut to fit in US Postal Service Flat Rate Boxes - hence the FRB in the name. As you might suspect, the SFRT fits the small flat rate box and the MFRT fits the medium. The SFRT is 5 ½" x 8 ½" or about the size of a DVD box. The Medium is about 12" x 14". You get real deal steel targets, but the cost of shipping is drastically reduced.

The rules for steel remain the same. Allow the target to tilt forward toward the shooter for force splash away. Don't have a lot of spectators standing on either side of the shooter. Shoot them no closer than 10 yards away for handguns and .22LR. The targets are packaged with instructions for shooting steel - I'd heed them.

Don't be like the folks shooting in a field last week without benefit of a backstop - a neighbor ½ mile away was struck by a round that 'missed.' I know my readers won't miss the target, but some shooters do.

We've taken care of the shipping costs and the low investment by using the FRB targets. They're easily transportable and easily set up. Shooters new to steel will miss routinely at first.

When we first got steel at the agency range, I was a little stunned by the phenomenon until it struck me that shooters were trying to see the bullet strike the target. We have the "clang" of impact to prevent the need to see the bullet strike, so get to looking at those sights.

The FRB targets are a great way to begin shooting at steel as long as you recognize that they're not for commercial or LE training. I've already broken them in as you can see.

For more information on these or other target products, see TacStrike Steel Target Systems.

-- Rich Grassi

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