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Thursday : August 27 : 2015
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Crossbreed Holsters
BLACKHAWK! Debuts New Logo to Honor Military Heritage
BLACKHAWK! looks to the future with a redesigned logo. The logo incorporates a unique trident inspired by the brand's Navy Special Operations heritage and reinforces the vow of BLACKHAWK!'s founder, a retired Navy SEAL, to make the best gear possible, adhering to the highest standards of quality and durability.
Wheatley is Northeast Director of Sales for ASP
Armament Systems and Procedures has announced that Bill Wheatley has been named Director of Sales for the Northeast United States. Bill will serve Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Virginia.
Wilson Combat Factory Engraved Handguns
You can now order a custom built Wilson Combat 1911 style handgun with hand engraving applied by a Master Engraver in a fraction of the usual delivery time. Wilson Combat is working with award-winning engraving artist Wayne D'Angelo on this new custom firearm option.
October issue of S.W.A.T. Magazine
The October issue of S.W.A.T. Magazine features the new Ruger Precision Rifle, shot at the FTW Ranch in Texas, as well as a look at the past in the form of the German MP40 WWII submachine gun. The Sweepstakes has a Mossberg 590 with Magpul furniture, Hornady buckshot and slugs as well as a TacStar SideSaddle ammo carrier.

Digital Ally Receives Body Camera, In-Car Video and VuLink Order from Ferguson, Mo. PD
Digital Ally, Inc. announced that it has received a follow-on order for its DVM-800 in-car video systems, FirstVu HD body-worn video cameras and VuLink automatic activation systems from the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department.
The 2015 Trijicon Shooting Challenge is Rapidly Approaching
The 2015 Trijicon Shooting Challenge is right around the corner. The industry's most challenging and unconventional shooting competition will descend upon the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY on October 21-24, 2015.
Forbes Magazine Recognizes New Smartphone App for Shooters
In another indication of firearms ownership going mainstream, Forbes magazine recently covered the deal-finding app, GunDealio, and the company responsible- GUNTALK Media. When consumers enter one of the more than 2,500 independent and franchised retailers included in the GunDealio platform, the free app recognizes their location and notifies them of manufacturer deals or even store specific specials.
2A Armament Announces New Houston Retailers
2A Armament announced that Collectors Firearms and Full Armor Firearms has joined its expanding list of retailers in Houston, Texas. 2A Armament is a high precision manufacturing facility in Boise, Idaho specializing in lightweight AR15 components and accessories.

Scott Rothenberg Named Vice President of Sales for Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts
Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts, LLC (ATAC), the parent company of HPR® Ammunition, announced that Scott Rothenberg has been named Vice President of Sales where he will focus on growing customer relations and strengthening the new product portfolio.
MGM Targets Shooters at Montana Multi Gun
MGM Targets sponsored shooters dominated the 2015 edition of the Montana Multi-gun match, August 22 in Boulder Montana. Team MGM shooter Wyatt Gibson took the Open division and combined win followed by his father and teammate Travis Gibson with 2nd place in Open.
Swab-Its Sponsors 2015 NSSF Rimfire Challenge Northwest Championship
Swab-its®, the makers of Bore-whips™, Bore-tips® and Gun-tips™, announced that they are sponsoring the 2015 NSSF Rimfire Challenge Northwest Championship being held this weekend, August 29 and 30, at the Parma Rod and Gun Club in Parma, Idaho.
Brownells New Product Review 8-21-2015
The Brownells New Product Review video this week covers the LifeStraw Mission Filtration Kit, the JP Enterprises MK III Hand Guard and the Vickers Tactical Slide Racker for the Glock 42.
Crimson Trace Selected by More Firearms Manufacturers
When firearms manufacturers in America, and beyond, decide to pre-install and ship laser sights on the handguns they sell, most of those manufacturers give a nod to Crimson Trace.
Liberty Safe Announces New Series: The National Classic
Liberty Safe, the industry leader in Home & Gun Safe manufacturing in the USA, launches its National Classic Series of safes. The new National Classic is Liberty's first solid steel plate-door safe, featuring a solid 3/8-inch steel plate door and 110 minutes of fire protection.
EOTech Seeking Vice President of Sales and Marketing
EOTech, the world's only manufacturer of holographic sighting systems for military, law enforcement and commercial markets is seeking an experienced industry professional to lead their team as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
SilencerCo and the Practical Benefits of Silencers
Why use silencers on your firearms? Once they fire a silencer-equipped firearm, and realize how much better the shooting experience is, the real question most shooters ask is: why haven't I been using a silencer all along?
CrossBreed® Holsters SuperTuck® Among Prizes in Springfield Armory® DUEL 3 Promo
Springfield Armory®'s DUEL 3 promotion runs all September long and will include hundreds of daily and weekly prizes, as well as one month-ending grand prize valued at more than $6,000.
Donovan Alexander Named Director of Military Sales for Steiner Optics
Steiner, world leader in optics for military and law enforcement, is proud to announce that Don Alexander has been named the new Director of Military Sales.
MGM Target Tips Video Series Under Way
MGM Targets, makers of premium AR steel targets and the MGM Switchview scope adjustment lever has launched their biweekly video series entitled "MGM Target Tips."
Heizer Defense, Now Shipping Accessory Barrels & Combo Packs
Heizer Defense is excited to announce that they are shipping the long awaited accessory barrels for the Pocket Pistol Family. There are 8 different barrel options available in Black or Stainless, chambered in 45LC/410, 223, & 7.62x39.
Brownells Proudly Supports Starlight 3 Gun – A One of a Kind Shooting Competition
Brownells is proud to announce today it has joined in sponsorship of the inaugural Starlight 3 Gun Championship presented by Timney Triggers. Set for September 23-26 at the Peacemaker National Training Center in Gerrardstown, West Virginia, the event will pit the top three-gun shooters from around the country in the only national three-gun competition shot exclusively at night.
SureFire Proudly Supports Starlight 3 Gun
SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce today its sponsorship of the inaugural Starlight 3 Gun Championship presented by Timney Triggers. Set for September 23-26 at the Peacemaker National Training Center in Gerrardstown, West Virginia, the event will pit the top three-gun shooters from around the country in the only national three-gun competition shot exclusively at night.
Spots that Don't Change
On Wednesday, August 26, a reporter and camera man from a Virginia TV station were shot to death while on assignment. The alleged perp had a grudge against the people and the station that arose out of perceived "racism" he felt he suffered at their hands. From his social media accounts, it seems he was angered because he'd made complaints, including to EEOC, and got fired anyway. Outraged at the criminal attack on a church in Charleston and the racist tone of the suspect in that case, he fumed at treatment he felt he'd received at the television station -- according to his manifesto, run on ABC News, available online. A fan of the Columbine shooters and the Virginia Tech shooter, it appears he fed off of criminal assaults committed by marginal people. Being apparently marginal himself, he turned this anger into rage and even shot video of his attack on the two television workers – which could well be the only work he ever did for which he'll be remembered.

Predictably, those in media and political circles who tend to statist views called for gun prohibition. They didn't even wait for the bodies of the dead to cool before they began advancing their agenda. In the same way they've done since 1968 – think Bobby Kennedy – these likewise marginal people did the same things they've always done: complain about private ownership of firearms.

This was in spite of warning flags about the suspect which included the fact station management had to call police to the station to get him to leave when he had been fired. In a rare moment of raw truth, the following was reported by the New York Post online edition: "(Station Manager) Marks insisted that despite all the warning signs, they never imagined anything terrible to happen."

Really? His social media accounts showed the seething hatred – much of it advanced by the current administration and by Big Media. All you have to do is look.

The police acted stupidly – which leads to a beer summit. George Zimmerman. Ferguson. Baltimore. Charleston. The meme is that America sucks, if you have a particular skin tone, accent, gender, gender preference – now if you elect to have surgery to be something you're not – then you must be a victim. The attacker's manifesto lists the reasons he was offended; he didn't hit every single victim group, but he was getting close to it.

The statists always play one off of the other. It's their stock in trade. We've seen it before.

Kristallnacht comes to mind.

Divisiveness is order of the day.

Nearly immediately, Clinton associate McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia, was one of the first to dance in the victims' blood. Never let a crisis go to waste. Then the presidential press secretary came out, decrying the lack of Congressional action to act against the will of the people.

Meanwhile, the consolidated news service was in a full-on panic. As noted by a world class firearms trainer, no U.S. media personnel have been killed inside the U.S. since 2007. Compare that to the number of cops killed this year, in no small measure assisted by the atmosphere of hate perpetrated by the federal government and their lapdogs in media. No one really seems to give a damn about that.

Meanwhile, the loser we have to thank for this latest flummery tried to kill himself. A failure to the bitter end, his desire to commit suicide apparently exceeded his skill – it took most of the day for him to die. At least he won't be looking for someone else to sue because his lack of talent just has to be the fault of other people.

Just because you're not in a high risk trade doesn't mean you are safe. That's delusional thinking. You must keep your head up and your eyes moving. And put the damn cell phone away. If you see someone, look at them. In the only bit of video the suspect ever did that anyone will ever see, his victim appears to look right at him. It's the look that doesn't see.

The idiots at "" said not to argue that "if she'd just had a gun" there would have been a different outcome. They ignore the heroes of the Amsterdam to Paris train. They didn't have guns either – fewer may have been injured if they had – but they didn't look away or get lost in their phones.

They took action.

You must as well. Let your reps and senators, at the state and federal level, know that no gun legislation will work – nor will be tolerated. The suspect's twitter feed showed he was spiraling out of control – and others had to have known him. They knew. Just like the Tucson shooter's family, the Aurora shooter's family, the Newtown shooter's family – nearly every case had warning signs that something was going to break.

We've had our warning.

-- Rich Grassi
Skill Set: Revolver Comeback?
Every gun magazine I pick up lately has articles on revolvers and their rediscovery. Companies are offering an ever-increasing number of revolvers, ammunition advances are improving the effectiveness of revolver ammo, and more companies than ever are providing accessories for wheel guns. But for some reason, especially with newer shooters, revolvers are something many never consider. It might be time to consider or rethink, again, the revolver.

In the old days you didn't have a lot of choices when it came to selecting a revolver. Today you can get one to fit any need. Companies like Ruger are offering new models that are lightweight and don't need a lot of modifications to carry or fight with. Their recent releases include the LCR "snubbie" chambered for 9mm, and one of my favorites, a three-inch barrel version of the LCR. Smith & Wesson has standard offerings in a variety of styles, the "Classic" series – old blued wheel guns – and their "Champion" and "Pro" series, which are enhanced revolvers. They also offering a variety of services to modify S&W's, and have "Performance Center" guns, which are custom built at the factory.

Ammunition companies haven't ignored revolver cartridges. The performance of these rounds is good, especially the .357 Magnum. Yep, the .357 has a lot of recoil, but you can practice with .38 Special, or carry +P .38's, which kind of falls in the middle of the .38 and .357. When it comes to the .38/.357 you can select the ammo with as much power as possible or with recoil you can handle. With handguns, it usually takes more than one shot to stop the threat. The ability to handle recoil, recovering from it efficiently, is essential to putting additional and accurate hits on target. Revolvers allow you to use a round that "fits" without having to worry about the energy required to cycle a slide, ejecting and loading a fresh cartridge.

"But," you say, "if I have to shoot a lot don't I need a high capacity weapon?" Remember, we're talking about self-defense. It ain't gonna to be the O.K. Corral; the average is about three, maybe four shots. Plus, there are revolvers that carry seven or eight rounds chambered for the .357. That's a lot of hard-hitting rounds, and in some cases more than your smaller semi-autos hold.

There are more accessories today for revolvers than ever before. You can equip your wheel gun with a laser/light. The ability to "point" shoot using a laser could come in handy during the middle of the night when you're awakened from a deep sleep a threat in the bedroom and having a weapon mounted light for home defense if never a bad idea. XS Sights offers their tritium front sights in Big and Standard size for wheel guns. They even have versions for "fixed" sight revolvers. (I used to go through a lot of hassle to machine and mount one of their shotgun sights on my revolvers. With these new models if you take care you can actually do it with hand tools.) Holsters? No problem. Revolvers are small, easy to carry and conceal, and holsters are available for any type carry mode you choose.

Revolvers are easy to shoot, however, as Grant Cunningham has said, they are "the most difficult to shoot well." As with any weapon, training and practice are required. Even if you don't decide to carry a revolver you should be familiar with how they operate. There are a lot of them out there, and there's no golden rule that says you'll always be fighting with your pistol. For defensive purposes you should seek out what works best for you and your situation. Just make sure to explore all options, including revolvers, until you have what suits your needs.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, located in northern Alabama. He is the author of "The Book of Two Guns" - writes for several firearms/tactical publications, and is featured on GunTalk's DVD, "Fighting With The 1911 - Website:

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