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Thursday : December 18 : 2014
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Beretta USA Presents Next Generation Handgun to US DOD
Beretta USA announced the presentation of the M9A3 to the US Army. The M9A3 features a thin grip with a removable, modular wrap-around grip, MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail, removable front and rear tritium sights, extended and threaded barrel for suppressor use, 17-round sand resistant magazine, and numerous other improvements, and features an earth tone finish.
Gun Digest Offers Concealed Carry Book
The Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to Concealed Carry is the latest publication from Gun Digest Books' Shooter's Guide series and is a crash course in concealed carry. It has information on everything from selecting a firearm to training to be prepared for the unexpected use of lethal force.
Heizer Defense Ships the Pocket AR Pistol
Heizer Defense announced the shipping of the new PAR1 "Pocket AR Pistol" in .223. The pistol is the next caliber offering in the Heizer Defense Pocket Pistol Family.
Leapers/UTG Opens its Cerakote Shop
Leapers/UTG has opened its own certified in-house Cerakote shop, and they are now offering their made in the USA rail systems in over a dozen colors to match your AR.

Bersa Firestorm .380 Concealed Carry Now Available in California
Eagle Imports, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Metro Arms, Bersa, Comanche and Grand Power firearms products, announced the return of the Firestorm .380 Concealed Carry for sales in California. The Firestorm .380 is built on an alloy frame with a steel slide and includes manual safety and firing pin safety.
Gun Digest Book Explores Customization Options for AR-15
Gun Digest Guide to Customizing Your AR-15 breaks down today's complicated customization landscape, giving readers a look at tricking out their firearms with accessories including pistol grips, barrels, lights and lasers, and much more. The book is now available.
Travis Gibson Selected For XLR Industries' 3-Gun Team
XLR Industries has added a new member to its competitive 3 gun team. Travis Gibson was brought on earlier this month and is very excited to be flying the XLR Industries flag for the 2015 season.
Ruger Expands the LC9s Line
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) announced the introduction of the new Ruger LC9S Pro pistol. Based on the LC9S, a compact, striker-fired, 9mm pistol that the company released in July of this year, the LC9s Pro contains many of the same advanced features, but is offered without the thumb-operated external manual safety and magazine disconnect.

Kahr Arms
Pincus Releases Scenario Training DVD
Rob Pincus recently released a new DVD entitled "Application of Skills in Scenario Training." It integrates scenario training with skill development to test the application of skills and gain a better understanding of tactics used.
George Zimmerman Calls in Live on Armed American Radio
During this week's Armed American Radio national broadcast, host Mark Walters and his on-air guests, self-defense expert Massad Ayoob, Gail Pepin and Claude Werner were surprised when they received a call from George Zimmerman.
Rick Hacker Shares His 50 Favorite Firearms
50 Famous Firearms You've Got to Own: Rick Hacker's Bucket List of Guns, the latest offering from Gun Digest Books, details Hacker's personal picks for the best all-around firearms for shooting, investment, collecting, self-protection and plinking. Hacker shares his opinions on the handguns, shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders that every firearm fan should own-or at least shoot-in their lifetime.
Crimson Trace "Man Cave Makeover" Sweepstakes
Crimson Trace offers one more reason to get excited about the season-and green and red laser sights: the Crimson Trace Man Cave Makeover Sweepstakes. The Grand Prize package includes a Grizzly 75-quart Crimson Trace Custom Cooler, a CMR-205 Rail Master Pro red laser sight and light combo unit along with great items from Tactical Taylor, BLACKHAWK and other manufacturers.

Doug Koenig Championship Season: Scottish Red Stag
Doug Koenig Championship Season features Doug's travels to the remote town of Argyll, Scotland for a traditional Scottish Red Stag hunt. Jagged coastlines, castles, misty damp mornings and hillside glassing set the backdrop to this week's show.
LaserLyte Releases Trigger Tyme Laser Training Pistol
LaserLyte® announced the release of their laser training pistol with an integrated laser for training: The LaserLyte® Trigger Tyme® Laser Pistol. With instant laser feedback anyone can practice trigger control anywhere and anytime with the realistic feel, balance and weight of the LT-TTL. The Trigger Tyme® laser pistol cannot accept or fire any ammunition, therefore it is completely safe to use in any location.
NSSF Sends HAVA a $10,000 Holiday Greeting
Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) announces receipt of a special holiday donation from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) in support of its mission to assist disabled veterans and injured active duty military. NSSF, already a major HAVA Sustaining Sponsor, reallocated monies intended to fund a holiday greeting card to members for the second consecutive year in order to further support HAVA's works.
Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle Now Available with a Lightweight Composite Stock
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) announces that the popular Gunsite Scout Rifle is now available with a lightweight, black composite stock. The composite stock reduces the rifle weight to 6.25 pounds, ¾ pounds less than the popular laminate wood stock version.

Jericho® Pistol Returns to the U.S. Market
IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., announces the return of the Jericho® brand of pistols to the U.S. market. The Jericho® 941™, designed specifically for the U.S. market, will be available in both steel frame and polymer frame models.
Agency for Mako Group Hires Schindel
LoBo & Petrocine, the Long Island advertising agency for The Mako Group has hired Mark Schindel as Account Manager/Supervisor, overseeing the Mako business. Mr. Schindel is an avid firearms enthusiast/expert.
Ruger Introduces BX Trigger for 10/22 and 22 Charger Pistol
Ruger (NYSE-RGR) announces the launch of the BX-Trigger: a light, crisp, "drop-in" replacement trigger assembly that is compatible with all Ruger® 10/22 rifles and 22 Charger pistols.
Viridian Introduces First Green Laser for Glock 26 and 27
Viridian continues to lead in green laser technology with the introduction of the first and only green laser sight for Glock 26 and 27 pistols.
ATK Seeking LE Accessory Sales Rep for Northeastern Territory
ATK Sporting Group is seeking a Law Enforcement Accessory Sales Representative for our Northeastern Territory to add to our team.
LaserMax Announces MAP Policy for 2015
LaserMax, Inc. yesterday announced a new minimum advertised price (MAP) policy that becomes effective January 1, 2015. The new MAP policy aims to protect the LaserMax brand and preserve the company's reputation for offering quality products. Releases List of Top 5 Best Selling Firearms for November 2014 has released its list of Top 5 Best Selling Firearms for November 2014. Remington VersaMax jumped to the #1 position in the new Semi Auto Shotgun category.
Around the Water Cooler: 2014 Ends
This is our last edition of the year and it's been a great year for The Tactical Wire. While I've had less activity in the area of Outdoor Wire Special Editions and my print work on the outside, the work we've done has been rewarding for me. Our guest features have been particularly good this year.

Dave Spaulding and Tiger McKee both hit some controversial topics, as we'd expect. Never fearful of debate, Claude Werner helped us finish our year of features with his series of "Negative Consequences" - pitfalls of firearms possession, carry and use. Likewise, I "prodded the bear" a few times.

We featured a piece from Chuck Haggard at the Rangemaster "I" Course and he put in serious effort in supporting a piece on the low-cost/high value AR15. Darryl Bolke, retired peace officer from Southern California likewise added to the mix - a first for us and we hope to see more from him in the coming year.

Our thanks go out to advertisers and corporate members. The material you provide is of great interest to our audience. Finally, the people we do this for, those we try to reach, our readers: our numbers have grown, our dedication to getting this right continues to increase in importance. You help us keep it all straight by clicking on links, clicking on ads and sending responses to us (

The Outdoor Wires have big plans for 2015 and we have only a couple of weeks to prepare. When we come back, we do so with our publisher's promise: "We'll keep you posted."
Skill Set: Armed Citizens
You don't know when you'll be called upon to act in an emergency. Training and practice are essential to a positive outcome.
Last week a Washington, D.C., museum announced that it will display the rifle Charles Whitman used to kill 14 people and wound over thirty others from the top of the University of Texas clock tower in August of 1966. This was a tragic event, but there are lessons to learn from this and other similar situations. It's important to realize, even though it normally doesn't receive a lot of media attention, that in this situation armed citizens made a big difference in the outcome.

Whitman, from the top of the tower and with his scoped rifle was wounding and killing people hundreds of yards away. Responding officers were equipped with .38 revolvers and shotguns, which were ineffective at the distances they had to fire from. Using hunting rifles and target rifles, private citizens forced Whitman to take cover, preventing him from shooting more people. Then Allen Crum, another armed citizen, led Austin policemen Houston McCoy and Ramiro Martinez to the top of the tower. Crum fired the first shot on Whitman, then McCoy and Martinez put Whitman down. Martinez later publicly credited the armed citizens involved with stopping Whitman's spree.

More recently, in Brownwood, Texas a man went crazy and began killing neighbors. The first officer on the scene, who was armed with an AR, was pinned down by the shooter's .30-30 rifle and couldn't get a clear shot on the threat, who was behind a large tree. An armed citizen, Vic Stacy, assisted the officer by putting the threat on the ground from about fifty-five yards using his .357 magnum revolver. He rested it on the hood of an RV for stability and accuracy. (You gotta love those Texans and their magnums!)

There are numerous situations when armed citizens have stopped killers from their intended violence. Unarmed citizens have also been successful in stopping attacks. The main things to keep in mind is that you have to know exactly what is going on, have the skills necessary to solve the problem, and know when to act.

In both examples above the citizens who became involved knew exactly what was occurring. Sometimes it's easy to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. In other situations determining who and what's happening can be difficult, especially if you're not on scene at the beginning of the action. If you're not absolutely sure about what's occurring then stay out of it.

Having the skills necessary to actually assist and affect the outcome of the confrontation is mandatory. Vic Stacy knew what was happening, and had used his .357 for hunting; he was very capable of making the shots he fired, and was familiar with the terrain to know he had a safe angle of fire. Compare this to a crowded theatre, in the dark, with a couple of hundred people running around and a threat firing into the crowd. This would be a very difficult problem to solve, and it would require someone with a high skill rating to engage the threat successfully.

It's also important to know when to act. For example during force-on-force training a lot of people will immediately jump into the action without checking first for things like additional threat. Remember, over fifty percent of violent actions involve more than one threat. The situation may require you to play the victim until a window of opportunity is opened. Every conflict is different. Equally important, is understanding when not to act or become involved. Be sure you can actually contribute to solving the problem, and not create more trouble or harm.

Ultimately, fighting is problem solving at high speed. Making decisions under stress is only possible if your skills - like drawing the pistol, marksmanship, the use of cover, and the techniques needed to solve the problem - are squared away in advance. So make it a point to practice, a lot. Play the what-if game in your head, getting used to thinking about what might happen and how to solve it. Then, if your time comes, you're sure what to do and how to do it. See you next year.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, located in northern Alabama. He is the author of "The Book of Two Guns," writes for several firearms/tactical publications, and is featured on GunTalk's DVD, "Fighting With The 1911 - Website:

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