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Tuesday : September 18 : 2018
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Personal Defense Network Training Tour Wrap Up

The 2018 Personal Defense Network Training Tour officially concluded in Maple Falls, Washington on July 31st.  PDN wishes to thank the many talented instructors and contributors of this year’s Tour.

Team MDT Wins Metal at Meaford 

The Meaford Long Range Steel Challenge held at the 4th Divisional Training Centre in Meaford, Ontario is Canada’s only 2 day, Precision Rifle Series match. 125 shooters from all over Canada and the USA signed up and attended the match including four members of Team MDT - one claiming a 1st place win. 

Century Arms Appoints Jim Hester as New VP of Operations 

Century Arms has announced the appointment of Jim Hester as the new Vice President of Operations.  Prior to accepting this position, Hester served in various leadership roles at Applied Materials and Revision Military. 

Sig Sauer
Nightforce Releases New Riflescopes

Nightforce Optics has announced the expansion of the ATACR and SHV families. The ATACR 4-16x50 F1 rounds out the mid-powered premium offerings with another capable first focal plane optic. The SHV 3-10x42 will be available with an illuminated reticle – the MOAR – or the Forceplex reticle.

Spirit of Blue Tourniquet Grant to KSP

The Spirit of Blue Foundation announced that it has awarded the Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder Memorial Safety Grant to the Kentucky State Police Foundation to outfit all 1,000 troopers and officers of the Kentucky State Police with lifesaving tourniquets inside of rugged duty belt cases.

Ruger Mourns Death of Former CEO William B. Ruger, Jr.

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) mourns the loss of William B. Ruger, Jr., former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Ruger. Mr. Ruger, who was the second CEO of the Company and the son of the Company's founder, passed away this past weekend.

MDT Chassis for Ruger American AR

MDT has just released their aluminum chassis for the AR magazine compatible Ruger American bolt-action rifles. The platform for the Ruger American AR configuration is MDT's LSS-XL GEN2 Chassis system.   

RSR Group, Inc. Welcomes TPS Arms 

RSR Group, Inc. announced the addition of Tactical Parts Supply & Arms, LLC to its product offering. RSR Group is now offering TPS Arms' M6 Takedown Series rifle/shotgun with 18.25" barrel available in .22LR/.410 or .22WMR/.410 as well as related accessories.

Deer-Lightful This Week on Guns & Gear

This week on Guns & Gear, gear up for your hunt with Timney Triggers TIKKA T3 trigger, the Ruger American Rifle with AR/AI mags, Honey Badger hunting ammo from Black Hills Ammunition, the TRP RMR 10mm from Springfield Armory, and SIG's BDX scope, and cases from Pelican.

Mammoth Teams with U.S. & Texas LawShield 

U.S. & Texas LawShield is pleased to announce that Mammoth has joined their list of 2A Member Perk preferred partners as well as a U.S and Texas LawShield Facility partner. 

CZ’s P-10C Featured In Nov. GUNS Magazine

November’s GUNS Magazine features the CZ P-10C suppressor-ready 9mm, the Nosler Model 48 Custom Handgun, custom bullet mold makers and more.

Daniel Defense Names VP of Marketing 

Daniel Defense announced that Steve Reed has joined the company to serve as Vice President of Marketing. In his new role, Reed will be responsible for the development of the company’s overall marketing strategy and direction.

GSM Acquires Ammo Pal

GSM Outdoors announces its acquisition of AmmoPal. This new product, designed for shotgun hunters and target shooters, will reside under the company's Shooting Made Easy brand.

SAF, Defense Distributed Add Defendants in Amended Lawsuit

 The Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed have amended their lawsuit to include four more state and local officials, accusing them of “unconstitutional prior restraint” by attempting to prevent online sharing of 3-D firearms printing technology despite a Justice Department settlement of a lawsuit earlier this summer.

Century Arms TP9 Elite Combat

Century Arms, the exclusive importer of Canik handguns and accessories, has announced availability of the TP9 Elite Combat. In an industry first collaboration, the TP9 Elite Combat comes standard with multiple performance features designed by custom upgrade specialist Salient Arms International. 

Otis Announces Ripcord BOGO 

Otis is excited to announce that it will again offer a buy one, get one free promotion on its Ripcord line of products.  This consumer promotion will run 9/17/18 through 10/01/2018. 

TacSol X-Ring Rifle in Mossy Oak

Tactical Solutions announced that the newest version of their X-Ring Takedown Rifle decorated in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland is now shipping. This version of the X-Ring was unveiled at the NRA Show this year.

Detroit Police Department S.W.A.T. Adopts SIG SAUER M400 Rifles

SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the Detroit Police Department has adopted the SIG SAUER M400 Rifle for their SWAT officers.

 Rossi Issues Safety Warning

Rossi is issuing a voluntary safety warning on .38 Special and .357 Magnum revolvers made between the years 2005 and 2017 that may have a condition that could cause, under certain circumstances, the revolver to fire if dropped. 

Sights and Tools

Editor's Note: This feature is from our companion service, Shooting Wire.

While checking out the NRA Annual Meeting a few months back, I got to chat with Richard Heinie – a rather remarkable pistolsmith and designer of a line of pistol sights. He said he had an update on his sights and said we should chat after the convention.

The Single Stack Classic intruded as did other projects. I received a message asking upon which gun the sights would be installed. After a bit of thinking, I replied a Gen3 Glock 19.

Now for a bit of back story. I’d carried that particular Glock 19 for the last three years of service. After retirement, I’d had contact with Heinie Specialty Products and received his Slant Pro Straight-8s.

I’d mentioned to him that I preferred a single tritium vial in the front sight with no markings on the rear sight. He replied that his Straight-8 was better. The rear sight, his snag-free Slant-Pro, had a single tritium vial placed at 6 o’clock, centered below the rear sight notch. When aligning the sights in conditions of decreased visibility, put one dot atop the other centering the sights on the threat – voila.

It was quick. These were the sights that stayed on the gun, my most worn pistol since 2001 up until 2016. I had plenty of chance to use those sights over the years. In ‘night fire,’ the figure “8” pattern was quick and a bit more precise than just centering the front sight dot and hoping I was well aligned.

The original Heinie pistol sight is now called the “Classic.” The notch is well aft of the dovetail, making the sight long but offering maximum distance between sights. The rear face of the rear sight is serrated and tilted back toward the user, minimizing the chances of glare.

The Slant-Pro was designed for concealed carry and for holster use – like other after-market sight makers, the concern was getting the gun past clothing items and allowing safe holstering of the pistol without getting caught. The glare-breaking serrations and a rear sight face tilted to the front helps with visibility while maintaining distance between sights. Finally, the Ledge came along after people obsessed about one-handed slide racking. A thick rear sight body, it also slants forward and is serrated on the rear. The sight radius is maintained in this design as well.

The V2 is between the Slant-Pro and the heftier Ledge rear sights (above). Below, the front sight was well-installed and the wrench was broken in an attempt to remove the front sight.


The V2 looks like a Ledge from the sight and like the Slant-Pro when you have an angled view of it. From the rear, it’s a generous notch surrounded by serrations. At its base, a tritium vial helps the user with windage issues. The sights appear to have the notch and post dimensions of my older Slant-Pro sights. I didn’t measure them.

The first issue was installation. In attempting to remove the front sight nut, I broke the ca. $33 Glock sight tool. I contacted Brownells and we sought alternatives. I’ve tried a pair of them.

The Ed Brown Glock Sight Installation Tool fits into a driver handle – like Brownell’s Magna Tip screwdriver set or the screwdriver from Wheeler Engineering. That gives one some distance and more torque. That device broke the screw loose.

When installing the sight, the nut is rather short and can get lost in the Ed Brown installation device. I opened the second envelope and found the Glock Tool Kit from Aro-Tek Limited. A rather robust 3/16th nut driver – shallow at the business end – got the installation accomplished in short order.

The Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool made short work of changing rear sights and off to the range I went – after the thread locker had time to set.

As is my custom with Glock pistols – and most others, I’m finding out as I age – I shot a bit left at 25 yards.

Hunting Wire Editor/author Richard Mann had mentioned a handy device for managing wayward sights in the field – the Wyoming Sight Drifter. These things are available from Skinner Sights, LLC. I just happened to have one.

The instructions make it self-explanatory -- it’s like a self-contained one-piece hammer and punch. Spring loaded, simply put the brass punch surface against the base of the sight (after loosening the set-screw, if they’re like the Heinie rear sight), draw back the spring-loaded “hammer” and let it go.

No more hammers and punches in the field – if you have a vise or some poor soul to hold the firearm while you beat on it.

One adjustment and I was centered at 25 yards.

Shooting the updated old gun on a ‘comparative standards’ course of my own making (explained here), I found that it was completely ‘transparent’ – I hadn’t noticed a change in the sights at all. Hits were centered and the visibility was good.

The old gun was due some new sights. It’d worn the Slant-Pros for many years.

I’m glad the V2 sights are aboard now. For more information, drop ‘em an email --

- - Rich Grassi


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