SEPTEMBER 19, 2019

Hornady announced that Team Hornady shooter, Doug Koenig has won the 2019 European Bianchi Cup, held last month in Germany. Koenig took first place using Hornady .38 Cal. 110gr. XTP bullets.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced that Team Ruger Captain Doug Koenig took first place in the Open Division and first overall at the 2019 European Bianchi Cup Championship match. He had a final aggregate score of 1920-183 and was shooting his Ruger Custom Shop SR1911 built open competition pistol.
The 49th Annual National World War II Glider Pilot Reunion (WW2GPC) is coming to Fayetteville, North Carolina, October 10 – 12. Glider pilots, power pilots, other C-47 crew members, mechanics, as well as family members and historians will attend.

With guns and the Second Amendment in the political crosshairs this year, and promising to be a major issue in the 2020 national and state elections, the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms have seen huge interest in this year’s 34th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference set for this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona.
On Saturday, Sept. 28, the National Rifle Association of America and its members will celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day to honor the commitment of our country’s sportsmen to wildlife conservation and to promote the continued enjoyment of our outdoor heritage for generations to come.
The National Rifle Association’s 6th Annual World Shooting Championship is this week at the Peacemaker National Training Center in Glengary, West Virginia.

The new PPQ M2 Coyote Tan is available in limited quantities. Both slide and frame are Cerakote Coyote Tan while the trigger, mag release, slide release barrel, and backstrap remain black.
Now shipping, the Walther PPK stainless is the next step in the new Fort Smith, Arkansas production PPK family. It is chambered in 380 ACP.
Rock River Arms is now shipping the new LAR-22 series rifles. The LAR-22 series are chambered in .22LR, giving shooters a higher-volume, reduced recoil and lower-price alternative to more expensive 5.56/.223 ammunition for practice and general recreation shooting.

Kopfjäger introduces two tripod systems, the K700 Heavy Duty Tripod and K800 Carbon Fiber Tripod. Kopfjäger’s tripods are designed to reduce fatigue and enhance shooting in every environment by stabilizing your firearm.
Breach-Bang-Clear announces the addition of RE Factor Tactical to the Tactical Gear Buyers Club. REFT also runs a blog covering a range of topics.
Adams Arms announced that Jason East has been promoted to the role of President. In his new role as President, East will lead all aspects of day to day operations of the company.

High Speed Gear is proud to announce a working partnership with Wes Doss, CEO and founder of Khyber Interactive Associates LLC.
Davidson’s is currently seeking a shooting and hunting enthusiast with outside sales and/or merchandising experience to serve as a Sales Representative - Outside in the Ohio River Valley region (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, & West Virginia).
RISE Armament, a manufacturer and supplier of AR triggers, components, and firearms is searching for an individual who is knowledgeable and passionate about ARs to fill a Customer Engagement Specialist position.

Galco Gunleather introduced additional StukOn-U pocket holster fits for subcompact autos from Colt, Kahr, Kel-Tec, Kimber, Ruger, S&W, Taurus and others.  The ambidextrous StukOn-U is designed for front pocket carry in pants or a jacket.
Outdoor Edge has redefined the traditional box-cutter market with its new B.O.A. --Box Opening Assistant. This redefinition of the folding utility knife features perfect ergonomics along with extensive jimping on the stainless steel blade holder to deliver power from the hand directly to the cutting edge.
In response to the recent charge against firearms owners’ Constitutional right to possess standard capacity magazines, XTech Tactical is offering its “Common Use” sale Sept 17th-Sept 25th 2019.

OSS Suppressors LLC has begun shipments for the first Elite-QD (EL-QD 762) suppressor units as part the Heckler & Koch contract to deliver between 5,000 and 6,000 complete M110A1 Squad Designated Marksman Rifle systems to the U.S. Army.
Samson Manufacturing is now offering their popular MPX Handguards in a Titanium Cerakote finish. These narrow profile, M-LOK handguards are the answer for those wishing to replace the larger and heavier factory handguard on their SIG SAUER MPX pistols and carbines.
Breach-Bang-Clear is proud to announce that GW Ayers Grimm, Lord of House Grimm, is now Justiciar of the Realm and King's Headsman for House Morningwood. GW, a lifelong practitioner of the noble profession of arms, is a former career soldier who served over 2 decades before retiring as a SNCO.

I finished up reading “Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed The Art Of War,” by Robert Coram – which I highly recommend. According to Coram, and a host of others, Boyd is the Sun Tzu of modern times. You’ll be amazed to learn of Boyd’s many accomplishments. I knew of “Boyd’s Loop,” or the O.O.D.A. loop. Most of you should be familiar with this concept too; if not start researching now.

While most are acquainted with Boyd’s Loop, few really understand it. In addition to “The Art of War” (Von Clausewitz) and other classics, Boyd studied battles where smaller forces were able to defeat much larger and better equipped opponents. Deception and speed combined with agility and identifying the enemies’ weaknesses were the keys to forcing your opponent, as Boyd said, “to unravel before the fight.”

If you just look at the Loop as a one directional sequence you don’t get the full meaning of it. First, you’re constantly cycling through it over and over until the conflict is over. Secondly, based on the original concept, it’s not even a loop. From the way everything intersects there’s hundreds of possible loops. Agility and flexibility are built into the loop.

Speed comes from understanding the situation. Your skills, the opponent’s capability, the environment and every other important factor. You have to Observe, then almost jump past Orient and Decide into Act. All to choose the least expected option – confusing the opponent – that is the most efficient action – attacking their weakest point. Here’s a simplistic example: Danger – Move! A threat appears, and your immediate response is to move, which is not what they were expecting. This initial action must be followed up by another, again to stay inside or ahead of the threat’s loop – this is mandatory.

An important part of Boyd’s Loop is that once you start you cannot stop or slow down. “It must continue and it must accelerate.” (Boyd pg. 338.). Success, becoming surprised by the effectiveness of your first action, is the biggest danger. Remember the doctrine of “Good Surprise.” Which means you’re always ready to follow up with another immediate action, and constantly pressing the advantage. Eventually your loop gets so far ahead of the threat’s that victory is guaranteed.

When it comes to self-defense with firearms most everyone gets caught up in “fast.” They want to draw fast, load fast and shoot fast. The thing is most all of our gun skills are fast enough. Yes, in a defensive situation speed is a factor. But not speed in the way most people think about, as in how quick you can draw and fire a shot. Winning is about when you determine to move, how quick you determine the situation calls for you to draw and then if necessary fire. Winning is about decision making, and then trusting your decisions and skills. One should study this well.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, which is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, has a regular column in American Handgunner and makes some cool knives and custom revolvers. Visit Shootrite’s Facebook page for other details.

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