SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

Primary Arms Optics’ GLx 4-16x50mm FFP Rifle Scope won Editor’s Choice in Outdoor Life’s review of the Best New Precision Rifle Scopes.
Hornady congratulates sponsored shooters Austin Orgain, Clay Blackketter and Tate Streater on their performance at the B&T Industries LLC Box Canyon Showdown PRS match in Medicine Lodge, Kansas.
Shoot Like A Girl is taking the Home of the Brave Tour to Bass Pro Shops in Colorado Springs, Colorado this weekend for a free interactive event that introduces women to the shooting sports in a fun, safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Trijicon, Inc. announced the kickoff of its inaugural The Science of Brilliant Roadshow. From September through December 2021, Trijicon will visit prominent dealers across the nation and provide consumers hands-on experience with Trijicon's full line of Brilliant Aiming Solutions.
Industry Day at the Range announced that several industry top manufacturers that have renewed their commitment as Supporting Sponsors for the 2022 event. Exhibitor space is extremely limited and is approaching sell-out.
BOG DeathGrip tripods are now available in Mossy Oak BOTTOMLAND and Realtree EXCAPE camo models. DeathGrip precision tripods offer a patented clamp that secures any firearm or crossbow, keeping hunters steady and freeing up their hands for glassing and calling.

Galco has a long history with pocket holsters. These include the Front Pocket Holster, the Pocket Protector and the StukOn-U.
Primary Arms has announced the hiring of Guillermo Narvacan for the position of Creative Manager. As Creative Manager, Guillermo will work cross-functionally throughout Primary Arms, developing company brands with video, photo, and graphic content as it maintains record growth.
Silencer Central is seeking qualified applicants who want to join the team. To support its growth initiatives, Silencer Central will host a job fair on-site in Sioux Falls, September 24th.

Davidson’s is currently seeking an Assistant Sales Manager/Coach to join our hard-working sales team in Chapin, South Carolina. The Assistant Sales Managers stimulate, encourage, and guide the team to excellence by working individually with each of our 65+ Account Executives and collectively with the entire team.
Silencer Central announced that Brandon Maddox, President and CEO of Silencer Central, appeared as a guest on the legendary YouTube channel Hickok45.
Faxon Firearms announced their new line of EXOS Pistol Compensators. The comps are offered for GLOCK, S&W M&P and SIG pistols.

F.A.B. Defense announced the collapsible Rapid Adjustment Precision Stock to their lineup of AR-15 style rifle stocks. The RAPS-C is in full production and is now available to dealers worldwide.
Specifically designed for those consumers who participate in IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) competitions, the 92X Performance Defensive maintains the same ergonomic design and controls as the popular 92X Performance Production platform with new enhanced features such as a lightened steel frame and slide, a red-dot optic ready slide, and aggressively textured 92X-style thin grips for instinctive control.
HIPERFIRE shows how they measure live-fire recoil energy, using live-fire hardware measurements to verify the computer’s predictions. The tests permit an apples-to-apples comparison of the HIPERCOMP 556 recoil reduction performance to some other well-regarded compensators.

BOG, makers of outstanding hunting gear including trail cameras, shooting sticks, tripods, blinds, chairs, and shooting rests, has renewed as a Whitetails Unlimited national sponsor.
You can win a Springfield Armory Saint Victor Rifle outfitted with a Primary Arms PLX8 1-8X 24mm FFP scope and an Inforce WMLx Weapon Light and more in this week’s Armory Life Giveaway.


Top holster is by Ritchie Leather. The brown holster is Milt Sparks, and kydex by AHolster. These are all examples of “good” holsters.

Acquiring a pistol for defense is just your first purchase. For carry you’ll need a proper holster -- and all the other related gear. Many people think holsters are just a place to shove the pistol, but there’s much more to consider. A good holster is hard to find; there’s a lot of personal preference involved. Once you know what a holster should do, discovering your “good” holster is much easier.

Obviously, the holster should secure the pistol; “secure” being the key term. The holster must be made to fit your pistol specifically. With leather, the pistol should fit snugly, especially in the beginning. Kydex holsters flex slightly as the pistol “snaps” into place, and they have tension screws to adjust the fit. Although they have their place, I’m not a fan of retention snaps and such for concealed carry. It should require some force to draw the pistol, but not so much that you have to hold the holster down with the support hand. You also don’t want a situation where once the pistol pulls clear of the rig, the force you had to use slings it across the parking lot.

The ability to holster with one hand is mandatory. An empty holster should hold its shape, open and ready when you decide to holster. A holster that collapses after drawing, requiring you to use the support hand to open up to secure the pistol is unacceptable. This is especially true for IWB’s – inside the waistband holsters.

The holster has to fit the pistol, but it also has to fit your hand. Acquiring a proper firing grip prior to drawing the pistol is essential. That’s the foundation for everything that happens once the weapon clears the holster. One of the biggest problems I see with holsters on the range is the inability to establish the firing grip with pistol holstered. The shooter’s knuckles won’t fit between the grip and holster. Part of the holster prevents the shooter’s thumb from wrapping around the grip. The angle of the holster may prevent the shooter from getting the gun hand positioned properly. Don’t quit looking until you’ve got the holster that allows that proper grip.

For semi-auto pistols, the holster is also used to cycle the slide during single-hand manipulations. Hand and arm injuries are common in fights – cuts, hits, breaks and shot. Malfunctions occur more often in fights than on the range. It’s often a failure to seat the magazine or cycle the slide aggressively. I practice single hand manipulations a lot, as if my life might depend on these skills. For strong hand operation of the pistol, it’s a great advantage to be able to hook the rear sight on the holster to cycle the action, or use the holster to strip out a stuck magazine.

Obviously, comfort is a factor. As well as concealability. Keep in mind that men’s and women’s bodies are shaped differently. There are holsters designed specifically to fit women’s bodies. Finding your holster usually takes a lot of experimentation. Everyone I know has a box of leather and kydex that didn’t make the cut. What doesn’t work for you may be just right for someone else. Sell it and move on. The best advice is, don’t stop the search, experimenting or testing until you discover your “good” holster. This applies to all other kit, too.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, has a regular column in American Handgunner and makes some cool knives and custom revolvers. Visit Shootrite’s Facebook page for other details.

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