DECEMBER 2, 2021

Team Federal sponsored shooters finished strong at the recent 2021 Fort Benning Multigun Challenge.Federal supported this year’s match as a Gold Sponsor.
Turning the Shadow 2 up a notch, CZ-USA released the CZ Shadow 2 Orange pistol, designed and manufactured for the competitive shooter who wants to win.
ALPS OutdoorZ is expanding its line of outdoor apparel to include two new stylish and functional garments just in time for the cold weather season. These include the Element Hoodie and the Shield Jacket.

An overlooked advantage of shoulder systems – including horizontal shoulder holsters – is how easy they are to reach when wearing heavy winter clothing. Galco offers a variety, including the Miami Classic, Miami Classic II, the Jackass Rig and the Classic Lite 2.0.
SAR USA by Sarsilmaz, a manufacturer of firearms, is searching for a highly motivated and experienced manufacturers sales rep group to service the Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma territory.
MidwayUSA is pleased to announce the promotion of Neal Lines to the position of Internet Advertising Manager. Neal began his career at MidwayUSA in 2008 as an Application Development Intern.

Media Lodge, a digital media platform for the outdoors industry, announced new partnerships with ArmoryTV and TheGUN.Forum that will provide content and expand its influencer access.
High Speed Gear announces the Core Cummerbund accessory to customize the Core Plate Carrier. Available in a variety of colors, the Core Cummerbund comes in three different sizes based on the body-type of the user.
The DeSantis Uni-Tuk, #206, is the latest in the Pegasus Kydex by DeSantis line. It has a precision-molded Kydex front married to a back component which is an all synthetic and a “breathable” platform.

Creedmoor Sports announced the TRX-925 Precision Reloading Scale. The ability of the TRX-925 to read down to 0.01 grains, eliminating the gram/grain conversion process, and measuring natively in grains, were necessary to achieve the level of accuracy reloaders expect.
Davidson’s announced one of its latest exclusives – the UTAS UT9-M Mini. It is a 6” barreled closed-bolt, blowback action 9mm pistol with a black matte finish, an overall length of just 14 inches and it accepts Glock magazines.
Firearms Policy Coalition issued a statement -- "Today’s misguided decision makes it crystal clear that the Ninth Circuit will not respect the Constitution until the Supreme Court requires it to. Rather than following the binding Supreme Court’s D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago opinions, the Court of Appeals again used legal gamesmanship to avoid the constitutionally required result just as it has for over a decade."

Samson Manufacturing is accepting online orders for the Black B-TM Folding Stock for the Ruger 10/22. The Black B-TM Folding Stock is manufactured to the same quality specifications as the classic stainless model, giving it the designation of an "Officially Licensed Product" by Ruger.
U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) President and Founder Tim Schmidt hosted an online broadcast with U.S. Representative Claudia Tenney (NY-22) about the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen case that was recently heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.
From Wednesday, December 1 through Sunday, December 12, Apex is running its annual ’12 Days of Apexmas’ sale offering customers 12% off their orders at Use the discount code APEXMAS2021 at checkout to receive 12% off (some restrictions apply). Shipping is free and each order will receive a free commemorative Apex ornament, while supplies last. Orders over $100 will also receive a free Apex Swag Pack.

As supply-chain challenges have made fulfillment more difficult than ever before, Shooting Industry’s three-part 2022 New Product Showcase launches in the December issue with new-for-2022 options dealers can look to stock in the new year from nearly 60 brands.
RECOIL Magazine, a publication of CMG West, LLC, has released its latest issue, number 58. The issue features a column on Tim Pool, a look at the DC Project and their pro-2A activities as well as some custom builds.


While the Browning Hi Power pistol is well known around the world, it never caught on here in the States. Too much competition from the 1911, which came out years before the 1935 Hi Power, and it was provided in .45 ACP, unlike the 9mm of the P35. The P35 does have a cult-like following. It was my first semi-auto pistol; a high school graduation present from my parents. Since then, I’ve always kept a few on hand. It was very disappointing when Browning stopped production a few years ago -- hence my joy to see Springfield introduce the SA 35, a Hi Power clone.

Designing the Hi-Power, the first pistol with a “double-stack,” high-capacity magazine, began in the 1920’s by John Browning in response to a request from the French military. Work on the pistol was finalized by his assistant, Dieudonne Saive. Sales began in 1935. Although the French didn’t buy it, many others did. Hi Powers were carried by both Axis and Allied troops during WWII. Since then, over fifty nations’ militaries and law enforcement have used the iconic pistol, including the F.B.I.’s Hostage Rescue Team.

After Browning stopped producing Hi Powers, they became very expensive. Cost is always a factor. Paying lots of dollars for a “real” Hi Power prevents a lot of shooters from exploring the joys of a well-made “Browning.” Sure, there have been some decent clones produced in the past. The Hungarian F.E.G. clone was very nice, and was used by several companies as a base for Hi Power builds. Argentina produced both Hi Power’s under agreement with FN, and clones after that. Israel made the Kareen. Recently the Tisas, a Turkish clone, was being imported into the States. For serious pistol work – defense – these clones required reworking to bring them up to specs. The same can be said of well-worn, military surplus pistols that were imported. The point is, there’s always been a demand In the U.S. for Hi Power pistols. Springfield Armory recognized this, and in October released the SA-35, a new Hi Power with plenty of promise.

The first thing I noticed when unboxing the SA-35 arrived was how good it looked, and even more important how well it felt in hand. I have a few original Browning pistols, and several of the clones mentioned above. One familiar with the Hi Power can feel the difference between a “real” Browning and the previous clones. The SA-35 copies the pistol’s traditional lines, with a couple of minor differences. It looks like an original Browning, and while it isn’t blued the SA-35’s finish mimics that of a parkerized military pistol.

Gripping the SA-35 feels just like an original Hi Power. The weight and balance of the forged frame and slide feel good. Ditto for the fit between them. Cycling the action feels like you’re manipulating an original Hi Power. Plus, Springfield reshaped the hammer spur to reduce the possibility of “hammer bite,” common for shooters with larger hands. The mag well has a slight bevel, a feature found only on custom Hi Powers. Springfield also removed the magazine disconnect; you can fire this Hi Power without a mag in the well, which I prefer. The trigger action and reset are the nicest of any factory Hi Power I’ve handled. It is smooth with a crisp break and short reset.

Based on first impressions, the Springfield SA-35 has a lot of promise. I need to take it apart to inspect internals, and then get to the range for test firing. Since I’m out of room, stay tuned next week for Parts II and III of this review.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, has a regular column in American Handgunner and makes some cool knives and custom revolvers. Visit Shootrite’s Facebook page for other details.

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