AUGUST 15, 2019

The Los Angeles Police Department has selected Federal Premium ammunition for multiple firearms platforms, including 45 Auto, 308 Win, and 12-ga duty requirements. The contract, with up to seven (7) option years will begin delivery immediately.
The Los Angeles Police Department has recently selected Speer G2 ammunition as the approved duty round in 9mm Luger and 40 S&W and supplying Force on Force marking rounds for training. The contract lasts up to seven option years.
It was a successful weekend for Team Hornady shooters, Jerry Miculek, Kelly Neal and Ashley Rheuark at the 2019 IPSC World Rifle Shoot held in Sweden, August 3-10.

The fifth annual Benelli USA Invitational Shoot is scheduled for September 27 at the Prince George’s County Trap and Skeet Center in Glenn Dale, Maryland. Proceeds from the event benefit the Freedom Hunters organization, established to help our military community enjoy the outdoors.
American Defense Manufacturing will be attending the National Tactical Officers Association show in Orlando, FL. August 18-19. American Defense’s “Ready Reserve” Program provides immediate, temporary replacement of any ADM rifle destroyed in the line of duty to reduce department disruption and maintain 100% stock in the department’s armory.
Faxon Firearms, a Cincinnati, Ohio based manufacturer of rifles, pistols, and components, announced they will be exhibiting at the NSSF Range Retailer Business Expo in Denver, CO, August 19-21.

Smith & Wesson Inc. announced that it has reintroduced the Model 648 revolver, chambered in .22 WMR.  Built on Smith & Wesson’s K-frame, it features an eight round capacity and is designed for small game hunting and target shooting. 
Taurus has announced two new models in its PT 92 semi-auto pistol line. These enhanced model 92s deliver on the heritage and classic styling of this full-frame handgun with exquisite Brazilian walnut wood grips.
Galco Gunleather introduced a range of holsters fitted for the new ZEV Technologies O.Z-9 pistol. These include belt holsters like the Concealable, IWB designs like the Paragon and more.

Starline Brass has added the 7.65 French Long to their caliber offerings. The 7.65 French Long was originally developed in the United States as the .30 Pedersen for use in the Pedersen Device, which was a conversion for the 1903 Springfield to quickly turn it into a blowback operated semi-auto rifle with a higher capacity magazine to increase firepower when necessary.
Samson is now offering their Bolt-On Optic Mounts and many M-LOK and KeyMod accessories in Tactical Grayor Coyote Tan Cerakote finish.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation announced that Hoppe’s RCBS, Champion Target and Butler Creek have partnered together to donate two Gearbox Giveaways as part of the National Shooting Sports Month celebration.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation announced that Primary Arms has donated two Gearbox Giveaways in support of National Shooting Sports Month. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Primary Arms is an online retailer of firearms, ammunition, apparel, optics and accessories.
Leupold & Stevens, Inc., has awarded a pair of scholarships to Oregon-based college students in the Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program (MECOP)
The NRA’s American Rifleman TV will feature The Making of the U.S. M17 --  an in-depth feature about the success of the SIG SAUER Modular Handgun System.  The episode has  interviews with Ron Cohen, President and CEO, SIG SAUER, Inc., Gabe Bailey, MHS Program Manager, Sean Toner, Design Engineer, and Daniel Horner, Team SIG Professional Shooter. 


In “olden” days changing out the stock on your Remington 700 precision rifle, bedding the action and floating the barrel required a lot of time and money. Sometimes you ended up with more money in that modification than the rifle cost to begin with. If you wanted to convert it over to a removable magazine that actually worked properly, even more time/money was necessary. Today, Magpul has a high-quality option that’s within everyone’s budget – the Magpul Hunter 700 stock.

Shooting a precision rifle accurately is all about consistency. Getting the proper “fit,” ensuring the rifle matches your size and shape is mandatory to consistency, and precision accuracy. Most factory stocks are too long; the Hunter stock is adjustable for length of pull. Once you clamp an optic on your bolt gun you’ll have to raise the comb to get a clear field of view through the scope. In the past we taped on pieces of foam padding and/or used strap on cheek pieces. The Hunter’s adjustable comb, using interchangeable cheek pieces, lets you tune the stock to the right height. The Hunter stock makes it simple and easy to fit the stock to your exact needs.

Another big advantage of the Hunter stock is the ability to convert your rifle over to a removable magazine. And, Magpul’s “Bolt Action Magazine Well” actually works. The stock is M-LOK compatible, making it simple to add any accessories you might need for your specific application.

Installation is simple, although you will need an inch-pound torque wrench to get the action screws properly tightened. (Improper torque will cause a shift in your zero.). Remove the action from the factory stock and install it into the Hunter. This is the same time you install Magpul’s trigger guard/mag well to convert it over to the mag fed rifle. Again, it’s simple, easy and affordable.

A local police department contacted me about installing the Magpul Hunter stock on their bolt guns. The officers brought their rifles and the new Magpul parts. Swapping stocks, including the new mag setup took about thirty minutes. On the range we checked zero; all that was required was about a ½ minute adjustment on the scope. All the shooters remarked on how “good” the stock felt. Total time to swap, zero and confirm was about an hour per rifle. How’s that for “easy?”

The ultimate question when I see any new part or accessories is, “Would I buy one?” With Magpul’s Hunter stock the answer is an emphatic “Yes.” Almost any part I get ends up getting modified to make it fit my needs. With the Hunter stock I don’t see anything that needs to be done, except for a good camo paint job. And since the Hunter comes in four colors – black, gray, FDE and OD green – a camo job is simplified.

If you’re looking to update the Remington 700 you can’t go wrong with the Hunter stock and mag kit from Magpul. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, which is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, has a regular column in American Handgunner and makes some cool knives and custom revolvers. Visit Shootrite’s Facebook page for other details.

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