OCTOBER 6, 2022

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association For Saving Lives Super PAC announced that it is launching a high six-figure paid digital campaign nationally, as well as in several key races for House and Senate, that encourages responsible gun owners to make their voices heard at the ballot box in November.
German Precision Optics captured three more industry awards for its line of premium binoculars. The GPO Passion 10x50 HD binocular was recently awarded two of Best Binoculars Reviews coveted awards.
Meopta Sport Optics is pleased to announce its new MeoSport R 3-15x50 RD riflescope has been named ‘Best Traditional Hunting Scope’ by Field & Stream.

Blackhawk congratulates Blackhawk tactical athlete Zach Rodman and teammate Jared Halbert on their second-place finish in the Men’s Elite division at the Tactical Games Panthera in Old Fields, West Virginia.
SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range has announced that exhibitors are now able to submit requests for media members and buyers to be formally invited to the 2023 event. The last day to submit an invitation request is October 14.
Primary Arms Government is sponsoring the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association 2022 SWAT Competition, which runs October 6th-9th at the Conroe/FBI Training Range in Conroe, Texas.

The Hide-Away Security Wallet carries wallet essentials and it sports an ankle holster to carry a lightweight micro-pistol.
As part of the 100-year anniversary celebration, Federal Ammunition partnered with the NRA to hold one if its largest sweepstakes in company history. Tom from Arkansas was awarded the massive prize package that included more than 54,000 rounds of Federal Ammunition valued at over $28,000.
MidwayUSA announced the promotion of Zach Crutcher to Web Development Manager - eCommerce. Zach began his journey at MidwayUSA in September 2015 as an SQL Server DBA.

Davidson’s, a leader in firearms distribution, seeks candidates for the position of Arizona Call Center Sales Manager. Knowledge of firearms and the firearms industry, including retail firearms sales, is ideal.
This is a traveling/road sales position for Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Washington and Alaska. The DSM must reside in the geographical territory and be prepared for travel, averaging 10-15 nights/month or more.
Attorneys representing the Second Amendment Foundation, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and their partners in a federal lawsuit challenging California’s ban on personally-built firearms are now defending their motion for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against the state.

The Gelbee Tigerfly fires up to 7 BBs every second on full-auto and it comes with a removable stock for either pistol- or rifle-style action so you get two blasters in one.
Blackout Defense sets off this week to Flint Oak, Kansas, where they will be a featured exhibitor at TriggrCon 2022. The exhibitor show and range event will be held October 7-8.
The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says September’s record jump in active concealed pistol licenses (CPL) in Washington State underscores public frustration over rising violent crime resulting from defund police efforts and liberal soft-on-crime policies from the Legislature down to county and city governments.

Beretta USA is extending its 496th Anniversary celebration with the announcement of the ‘Beretta Anniversary Giveaway.’ During this promotional giveaway, four lucky winners will receive a $200 store credit to use on, and one Grand Prize winner will receive a new APX A1 Full Size pistol and a $500 store credit.
On October 6 and 7, the first wave of FWC officers responding to Hurricane Ian are demobilizing and will be replaced with a second wave of 61 officers from the FWC Northwest Region, FWC Northeast Region and the FWC North Central Region.


When checking accuracy with a firearm, both pistol and long gun it’s a good idea to remove as many of the “human” factors as possible. The more stable the platform, the better the accuracy. Our bodies shake and wobble, there’s no way around it. Plus, the steadier we try to hold the gun on target the worse the shake/wobble becomes. This is where shooting rests come to our rescue.

Accuracy relies on stability, the more the better. There are two primary ways to create a steadier platform. You can lower your center of gravity. A kneeling position is more stable than standing/offhand. And/or, you rest or brace against something. A “braced” kneeling position, with the support arm’s elbow resting against the support knee increases accuracy. You can use a tree to brace the hand against, supporting the handguard like when bridging a pool cue.

A shooting rest is great for checking accuracy on the range. Rests come in all flavors. There are bags, normally a front and rear bag, that are filled with dense materials and to a certain degree can be formed to fit your needs. Structured rests have front, rear and sometimes a middle rest depending on design that are all connected.

A “sled” is normally heavier, relying on weights to reduce movement between shots, or may be bolted down to a shooting bench. The firearm is clamped into the rest, and firing is done through a mechanical means of stroking or pressing the trigger. These are the ultimate rest, but are also the most expensive.

Rests are used to check the firearm’s mechanical accuracy. They help establish how tight a group the gun can produce. For zeroing, it’s best to add the human element back into the equation.

Usually, and almost always with rifles, the bullet’s point of impact will shift according to how the gun is supported when fired. We all “shoot” differently. How we “see” sights, the way we press the trigger, the recoil against our body and many other factors affect where the bullet strikes in relation to the point of aim. The only way to zero your gun is while you’re firing it. I’m not big on zeroing weapons off a shooting bench, but if you do then check your results by actually firing from the various field positions you’re using.

Pretty much all firearms are more accurate than we can shoot them. Sure, maybe the sights aren’t aligned perfectly and at sixty yards I have to aim my .380 Ruger LCP two feet low and five feet right, but it still shoots a decent group at that distance. And it’s way more accurate than I could fire it under actual defensive conditions.

Knowing your gun is accurate – and reliable – removes a big “worry” about shooting accurately. Shooting rests help establish what your gun’s capable of accuracy wise. Just keep in mind, they also remove the old excuse, “This thing won’t hit a barn at ten feet.” After confirming the weapon’s accuracy, it’s all on you to apply the fundamentals – Aim, Hold, Press and Follow Through – to ensure the proper placement of the hit on target.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, has a regular column in American Handgunner and makes some cool knives and custom revolvers. or visit Shootrite’s Facebook page for other details.

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