AUGUST 16, 2022

After extensive testing by the editors of Outdoor Life, the Federal Gold Medal 6.5 Creedmoor, 140-grain Sierra MatchKing was named the Editors Choice for the most accurate load in 6.5 Creedmoor. The article outlining the testing and results was written by Outdoor Life Shooting Editor, John Snow. 
RCBS recently wrapped up its first-ever “RCBS Rumble” – the company’s own Precision Rifle Series match, after years of sponsoring and supporting other PRS events nationwide.
GUNFEST 2022 took place August 5-7th in Sturgis SD, during the first half of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Presented by, it was a three-day consumer event.

Ed Brown Products, Inc. continues to grow their product line by partnering with Hogue Inc, with a new line of high-performance knives. The first knife in the series is the ABLE-Lock folder.
The Tactical Rifle Scabbard from Elite Survival Systems is constructed of 1000 denier nylon and heavy-duty hardware. It features MOLLE areas for pouch attachment, padded sling strap and more.
Galco's Front Pocket Horsehide Holster, now available for the S&W Shield pistol, offers a surreptitious draw, keeps the handgun upright in the pocket, covers the trigger and has a dual hook shape to assist in keeping the holster in the pocket during the draw.

The Headrest Safe Company, LLC, makers of a discreet vehicle safe storage system, announced that they have named Harris Global Marketing & Communications as agency of record for all of their public relations and media needs.
Primary Arms has pushed an update to their retail website, adding a new ‘Hunting’ category to the top of the page.  The new Hunting assortment features a wide selection of hunting-focused products, including firearms, ammunition, optics and observation tools, apparel and footwear, hunting accessories, trail cameras, first aid, and camping gear.
Gearfire unveisl its latest eCommerce platform, designed specifically for outdoor sports retailers – Gearfire eCommerce Pro.

AMMO, Inc. announces that its Board of Directors has unanimously approved a plan to separate its ammunition and marketplace businesses into two independent publicly-traded companies.
Henry Repeating Arms announced that its latest Guns For Great Causes campaign raised $36,400 for the family of Danica Brianne Mulholland. After losing their 12-year-old daughter to a three-year battle with brain cancer, the Levittown, Pennsylvania family is receiving a check from the sale of 50 Henry Golden Boy lever action rifles to assist with any outstanding medical and funeral expenses.
ISOtunes Sport announced that the company has partnered with influencer and entertainer Gun Drummer. The Gun Drummer, Nate Wilkinson, creates unique music videos, covering heavy metal songs with a mix of drum beats and gunshots at the range.

Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. President & CEO Mark Smith responded to attacks from "politicians and their lobbying partners in the media" by noting that violent crime is escalating in cities where there's tough gun regulations on law-abiding citizens but marginal enforcement against criminals. "We will continue informing law-abiding citizens that they have a Constitutionally-protected right to defend themselves and their families."
BONE-DRI, inventor of award-winning rust prevention gun cases, has partnered with PnP Outdoors as its sales consultant. PnP Outdoors will oversee the growth and expansion of the company’s accounts by developing and implementing key strategic incentives. This includes dealer, distributor, and chain sales as well as business management, agency sales, retailing, and wholesaling.
Firearms Policy Coalition filed a new lawsuit challenging the ATF’s rule that would create new terms and enact a slew of regulations for the agency to enforce, including ones that would treat non-frames and non-receivers as if they were actual frames and receivers of weapons.

Firearms Policy Coalition and FPC Action Foundation announced its successful appeal in Oakland Tactical Supply, LLC v. Howell Township, Michigan, which challenges zoning restrictions imposed by the Township that prohibit shooting ranges for long guns. Because of this key decision, the case can now proceed at the trial court under the standard outlined in NYSRPA v. Bruen.
Firearms Policy Coalition announced the filing of an important appellate brief, joined by FPC Action Foundation and Independence Institute, in Maryland Shall Issue v. Hogan, a case that challenges Maryland’s gun licensing and training requirements.
CrossBreed Holsters continues to expand its holster offerings to cover the handguns most used by today's EDC and CCW practitioners. This now includes holsters for the premium FX-19 Hellfire compact 9mm from Faxon Firearms.

Hornady Security announced their new Ammo Cabinets. These cabinets are a specialty security container for organizing and safeguarding ammo and much more.
SIG SAUER is pleased to introduce the P365-XMACRO bringing more capacity, more shootability, and more concealability to everyday carry; the P365-XMACRO packs an unprecedented 17+1 round standard capacity into the iconic 1” slim profile of the P365.
Designed to add heft to the MBA-1 or MBA-2 Rifle Buttstock, the Sidekick Balance Weight adds 14.4 oz. to the weight of your butt stock -- perfect for long-range precision shooting or anytime a little extra weight in the butt stock is desired.
ALPS OutdoorZ, manufacturer of rugged hunting packs and gear for big-game hunters, announces a new frame and pack system developed for extreme backcountry hunters.
The ReFlex Hanger IFAK System from High Speed Gear is a two-piece system, med roll and hanger carrier, that is designed to attach directly to the hook and loop of a plate carrier to carry organized medical supplies with ambidextrous accessibility.
Orion Wholesale announced they are hosting their annual Sig Sauer e-Show August 15th – 19th. This year’s event will feature special pricing on Sig Sauer firearms, ammunition, electro-optics and accessories.
What led so many Europeans to disarm themselves, and thereby left themselves open to threats, foreign and domestic? Read Dr. Schiller’s feature in America’s 1st Freedom, online.
Galco Holsters has partnered with SIG-Sauer and AR500 Armor for the ultimate prize giveaway. One winner will receive a SIG-Sauer P229 Legion RXP, Elite Performance ammunition, an AR500 armor bundle and more.

Today’s feature, a continuation of “the essentials,” is from correspondent Dave Spaulding.

(The first part of the story, available here, involved the typical, most commonly encountered “facts” of deadly encounters. Without knowing what you are preparing for, you can’t effectively prepare. Having determined what skills are needed – what’s the best way to actually prepare?)

I feel the proper combat draw stroke is critical and should be performed with the thought it will be the same if your opponent is 2.5 feet or 25 yards away. It’s not necessarily about a fast draw, but a draw to a close retention position and then straight to the target like a punch. I like to equate the draw to driving; you steer, accelerate and apply the brakes to arrive when and where you want. The draw is the same…if it does not arrive where you are looking then what good is it? That said, the draw needs to be as fast as possible as fighting is also about time…the more time taken to address the threat, the less likely we are to prevail. When the decision is made to draw the handgun, the movement should be smooth and efficient…read this lack of unnecessary motion…to get the muzzle on the threat NOW!

While the gun hand is drawing the pistol, the support hand should be placed in front of the sternum so it is in a position to fight, fend, apply a proper two hand shooting grip or any other function that may be required. If hanging at your side or flat to your belly, it is less likely to be able to perform these necessary tasks. During a conversation with Jeff Chudwin, noted trainer, law enforcement officer and President of the Illinois Tactical Officer’s Association at the 2015 ILEETA Conference, Jeff talked about the Zulu warriors of South Africa, some of history’s most feared close quarter battle warriors. In a discussion about close quarter shooting techniques, he showed me the Zulu shield and spear technique with the non-gun hand used to strike, parry and not flat against the body. Jeff’s point was that by making use of both arms and hands we can also gain position, time, control, fight and shoot…a true “multi-task of combat” as it were. It also showed that using both hands in a fight is nothing new…little in the combative pistol world really is regardless of what some internet guru tells you…

I have long said that trigger control is weapon control meaning the pressure applied to the trigger via the index finger and hand will affect the alignment of the weapon with the target. It is quite common to apply rearward pressure to the trigger only to have the whole hand tighten on the grip. When this happens, the muzzle will dip and the bullet will impact low.

Everyone…even the world’s best shooters…do this as it is what the hands want to do, tighten as a unit and not as an individual digit. After all, you do this thousands of times a day…do you really think just because you hand a handgun in your hand you will instantly stop and just use the index finger? If so, you’re dreaming! Trigger finger isolation requires a HUGE amount of mental focus and I maintain the best way to do this is dry fire in a quiet room where there are no interruptions.

FACT: The most essential thing you can do in a gunfight is get the gun between you and the threat and control the trigger so the muzzle does not move!

In conclusion, try hard not to fall into fads or cool-looking techniques. Training should be simple, efficient and effective. If it is not helping you prevail in what we all know is true close quarter conflict, then why are you doing it?

Dave Spaulding is a professional firearms instructor with 36 years' experience in law enforcement and federal security. The recipient of the 2010 Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year Award from the International Law Enforcement Training and Educators Association, Dave has worked in all facets of law enforcement including communications, corrections, court security, patrol, evidence collection, training and investigations. He was a founding member of his agency’s SWAT Team and acted as its training officer for 8 years. He spent a year in an undercover capacity and was the commander of a multi-jurisdictional narcotics task force, has been an adjunct instructor at the former Heckler & Koch International Training Division and the Tactical Defense Institute. In addition to his many published articles (over 1,400), Dave is the author of two acclaimed books, Defensive Living and Handgun Combatives. He operated his own training company with focus on “the combative application of the handgun”

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